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Re: Theos-World Shooting messengers vs producing the goods

Mar 12, 2006 08:13 AM
by adelasie

Hi Dr Tillet,

I know that Paul is not a theosophist, and therefor can't really be 
expected to "think" like one. I don't know about you, although your 
name is familiar from offline sources, but you say you are "not a 
devotee of Blavatsky." However, I offer some thoughts.

The ancient wisdom from which theosophy was drawn is quite clear on a 
few points. Whatever happens in the course of human affairs, and 
everything else, for that matter, is not a result of the efforts of 
human personalities. It is a result of the  eternal play of forces of 
nature, those behind the scenes motivators which permeate everything. 
In human affairs it is often useful to remember this fact. Karma is 
the great equalizer. Everything that happens is the result of some 
previous cause. The forces of nature are the instruments of Karma, 
and work to reestablish harmony and balance constantly. Every human 
event can be viewed, and de-mystified to a great extent, from the 
point of view of this information. 

We had some interesting discussion awhile back about the horoscope of 
the Theosophical Society. It is evident to me that we don't have one 
definitive chart, but certainly any one of the charts under 
consideration will show that the course of development of the Society 
was not going to be without obstacles. 

On the plane of forces, as much as we can imagine of such a thing at 
least, we can easily posit a scenario: humanity suffering the 
consequences of a long and terrible dark iron age filled with man's 
willful inhumanity to man, and the attendant consequences; the 
establishment by the Masters of Compassion of an organization 
dedicated to stemming the flood of evil and injustice, according to 
the law of opportunities. The image that springs to my mind is 
something like the tsunami surge at its peak, and one little boat 
being dropped into the maelstrom, with a small but dedicated crew who 
have vowed to try to make a difference. 

Coming when it did, the Society was in the right place at the right 
time. We can have faith that is true, whether we can understand or 
not. The Masters do not waste energy. And we can easily understand 
the fury now, 150 years later, of the forces bent on destruction and 
anihilation, because in spite of their best (or worst) efforts, 
theosophy persists and continues to offer answers, guidance, and 
support to any who ask.

What amazes me, almost to stupefaction, is that there are so many 
obviously intelligent people who are willing to be the servants of 
darkness, using their wiles to generate hate and fear, even among 
theosophists on a list such as this. Particularly this amazes me when 
I look around and see the peak fo retribution now being endured by 
humanity on so many fronts. It seems quite obvious to me that this 
would be a good time to "turn the other cheek," step aside and allow 
the slings and arrows of separatism and destruction fly swiftly into 
the abyss without hitting their targets, and get on with the work of 
establishing the consciousness of Unity in the minds and hearts of 
our long-suffering and hungry brothers and sisters. We do this work, 
not so much by what we say, but by who we are and what we do. 



On 12 Mar 2006 at 17:30, wrote:

> It is disturbing to read the “shoot the messenger” postings directed
> at Paul Johnson, but it is probably suggestive of the intellectual
> decline in the Theosophical world which (ironically, given the other
> “pet hates” of most of Paul’s critics) began with the Leadbeater
> ascendancy. It requires no more than a systematic reading of “The
> Theosophist” from its beginnings to the post-Blavatsky period to
> observe the decline in the intellectual standard of the journal. Under
> Besant is grew in size and diminished in quality.
> I am not a devotee of Blavatsky, although I regard her as a genius.

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