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Re: Theos-World Olcott denying HPB?

Mar 12, 2006 03:33 AM
by samblo

    May you be warm during the Russian winter. I wondered about same 
viewpoint you did and I am not all read up on the contention about Olcott. so, I 
Googled for it to see if I could find an online post of the June 1895 Theosophist 
"postscript" article in full online so I could read it and see what it is all 
about. Personally I like Olcutt. As I just Googled yesterday I am not 
progressed on the Google listings. What little I have seen so far seems to be that he 
was the President at the time and it was Annie Besant that made the disparaging 
remarks and then filed a formal complaint that as President he was forced to 
take into process. I am not sure at this early point that it actually was 
Olcott that originated the negative comments but I am illiterate as yet on the 
topic. I think I also read that there was an earlier Publishing than the June 
1895 postscript by Besant. Maybe Jerry or Gregory or Daniel or John snatch can 
show us the articles.

    Was it you that mentioned a while ago the "New Acropolis?" Is there a 
branch there you are familiar with? Martin Leidermen a member of this Forum was a 
Director of both the Paris and the LA Cal. Branch some years ago, I attended 
the LA Calif. branch for a while long ago.


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