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Re: Theos-World Personalities or Real Issues?

Mar 11, 2006 10:15 AM
by Bill Meredith

"There is therefore an element of truth and reality in everyone of the more serious approaches to the problem of our dual universe. In an unsympathetic discussion and criticism of philosophical doctrine it is no doubt always possible to present them in such a way that they appear but as the futile fantasies of arid minds, but if we try to understand a doctrine from the mentality of the one who produced it we shall always see that for that mentality and from that standpoint the doctrine was relatively true."
Van der Leeuw, J.J., CONQUEST OF ILLUSION, p 120.

I love you, Carlos.

I understand you and I will not fight with you about relative truths. I will continue to participate here at theos-talk when and about whatever topics I choose. You are Free to do the same. I only ask that in future instances, you not mistake my silent regard for what you proffer as either consent or agreement.

There comes a time when one discerns that another's line of thought is too entrenched and the thought process itself too inflexible to be affected in any meaningful way by continued discussions. Only a Significant Life-Altering Event is likely to create the momentum necessary for movement and growth to begin anew. As it is now, debate, dialog, and discussion appear to encourage only deeper entrenchment and more rigid thinking. A challenging comment has the same end result upon the thinking apparatus as a supportive comment.
I have challenged you to think about how you think and more importantly WHY you think as you do. You have responded in your own way and I can ask no more of you. I regret that I am unable to be of more assistance to you at the present time. I will continue to study my self and my own thought processes, learning and growing in hopes that I will be better prepared to help you when again we meet. Until then, I wish only the best for you, my young friend, and I thank you for your attempts to share the essence of who you are with the rest of us.
Peace and love and my best hopes for your bright future,


carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:
Dear Friends,

Sometimes there is more talk about personalities than about real issues....


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