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Woody Allen and the Theos. Mov.

Mar 11, 2006 08:30 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Krsanna, Cass, Friends,

Why would anyone who thinks HPB was dishonest still stick to her movement?

This transcendental question reminds me of something.

Brother Marx (the old time comedians), and later Woddy Allen, used to say, as depressed persons who had very bad opinions about themselves:

"I would NEVER join a Club that would accept ME, as a member".

Those who think that HPB was a fraud and still insist in circulating in the theosophical movement are, perhaps, saying to themselves:

"I would never join a movement found by a person whom I don't consider a fraud!"

HPB acts as a psychological mirror.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: Cass Silva <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Why Theosophy?
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 19:49:49 -0800 (PST)

My thoughts entirely Krsanna.

krsanna <> wrote:
  As an aside, it puzzles me that those with poor opinions of HPB
continue to call themselves Theosophists. Theosophy would not exist
without HPB. She introduced the term in her writings then Olcott
set the pace for the Theosophical Society. Modern claims to title
to truth of various factions over others sounds like dogs snarling
over the remains of a soulless corpse.

Everything I've seen suggests HPB looked forward to leaving the
snarling dogs behind her and made no promise to return. HPB may not
have been stuck in an incarnation loop that required her return. It
is possible that introducing Theosophy completed a karmic cycle that
obligated her to do the work of Theosophy when she did it. But no

HPB commented on missing her master and his sister who had a baby,as
I recall -- another comment about the humanness of the masters. (As
I recall, the letter with this comment was in Sylvia Cranston's
biography. I remember reading the passage several times to make
sure I had read it correctly -- the master's sister had a baby.)

Given the opportunity to incarnate by choice, why not choose the
master's family? Start another movement and leave Theosophy in the
dust of history with the dogs snarling over the old corpse?

Why cling to the theosophical movement when the founder who
introduced the word is repugnant to an individual? The answer that
comes to me each time I marvel at the phenomenon is that the
dissenters don't have the energy, ingenuity, and intelligence to
move forward in a productive way.

They seem to be stuck in a magnetic conundrum they call theosophy
for convenience, unable to move out of it. Perhaps they owe HPB a
thank-you for giving them a bone to pick over until they develop
sufficiently to deal with their lower natures that trap them like
dogs in a purgatory of sorts.

This is just a thought.

I love Blavatsky's work and see progressive growth of wisdom and
compassion in her letters. Her's was a life of dynamic change. The
letters she wrote to the American Conventions are like fine silk
compared to earlier writings. Should she be faulted for her
capacity for evolution during the life of HPB?

It is far worthier to forgive HPB her sins, as she forgave those who
sinned against her. She never claimed perfection nor absolute
knowledge. She didn't even claim to have written "Isis Unveiled."
She claimed only to have done the work that was laid out for her to


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