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Are these discussions 'un-brotherly'?

Mar 11, 2006 07:32 AM
by plcoles1

Hello All,
Just a couple of thoughts from where I see things at this point in time.
Personally I disagree that discussing these historical issues (even if they do seem to the 
degree of tedium ad nauseum) is not theosophical or brotherly.

The issues we are discussing are important as they are part of the movements history.

If history cant be faced openly and honestly with all sides being given a chance to put 
forward their perspective then what sort of history will there be?

If we are only to look at the `sunny side of things' how do we move forward with any 
Debate and argument are essential for a free society to exist.

Codes of conduct of some kind have to be observed but these should not in anyway 
interfere with the free pursuit of intellectual lines of enquiry.

This work here on theos talk is imo part of an important occult process if we are prepared 
to work with it.

For one thing it is getting us to look at the principle of freedom of thought and expression 
in a very real way, such as allowing people with quite different and diverse points of view 
an avenue for expression.

If for example the society has edited certain early texts removing uncomfortable parts 
without the appropriate notification to the reader in the forward explaining why this has 
been done, is this proper? Is this dealing truthfully and with integrity? Is it not appropriate 
to face these issues squarely and bravely and do what is truthful and honourable and right 
these wrongs?

People reading and studying these texts have a right to know these things.
If this is what has happened and we do not say anything do we then become complicit?

The occult path is not for everyone, it involves from my understanding, much courage and 
the ability to delving deeper and deeper in the nature of things as I think it was Bruce who 
had quoted earlier in his post "as above so below".

The principle of being truthful is central and perhaps this is what we are processing here 
at the moment albeit in the mundane workings and history of the Society, the as above so 
below principle can be applied.

Remember we don't have to be involved with the debate if we choose not to, that's our 
But I think personally this is a great spiritual opportunity, even if it can vex the personality 
from time to time.



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