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Re: Theos-World Is it time to create a new yahoo group?

Mar 11, 2006 07:10 AM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo Paul and all,

My views are:

I see. I will like to offer my views on that Paul.
I find your thoughts important to consider.

In one of my latest emails I wrote:
"- - - Words are like swords. Please remember that. - - -
So when any write an email at this place, or just an email, they aught to
remember it.
My own self included."

1. Paul,
I am very much tempted to agree with you, that a moderated list would be much better.
There is the yahoo based forum called Indian Civilization. They have a very efficient moderation with as many as 1852 members.

It is a moderation one could recommend.
Those who in that forum are writing baseless attacking emails or flaming unrelated emails are quarantined for some days.
And if they continue. The just quarantined for longer and longer periods of time depending on their activities.
It seems to work very well at the forum.

I would personally like a forum of the type named - BB-PHP forum, which is free for download.
A Yahoo-based forum has its limitations.
All there is needed is someone setting it up, at a chosen domain.

- - -
2. And, Let us also remember this:
It is also a fact, that Some persons are way too sensitive.
They observe attacks were there are none. The feel hate, were there are none.
The ASSUME a whole lot - based on no solid foundation.
Some people sometimes think, that they are either suffering from stress or are hysterical or has psychological problems of
one or the other kind.

And besides, a certain number of members at this list are not that good at writing the English language, and because of this
misunderstandings occur.

So perhaps we need the sensitive ones to rule such a moderated the forum.
Theos-moderated or Theos-sensitive will do as names.

M. Sufilight

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Knowing Erica is leaving and Pedro is gone, I wonder if something like
theos-peace or theos-moderated needs to come into existence.  Past
experiments with creating alternative yahoo groups were mixed; people
didn't fight over religion, but politics.


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