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HPB and Annie Besant

Mar 11, 2006 06:48 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Dear All,
As I have read in Annie Besants autobiography:1904 first edition.
In 1889 she met HPB in London.
In 1890 she became a pupil of HPB, after Helena tested her on her 
proud; she have more then Lucifer(HPB joked).
And by testing the proud of Annie,HPB discovered it was not pointed 
selfish but to all humankinds progress.
That is why HPB saw her as the best follower and leader of TS.
Also HPB give her money, the little she have to do things for poor 
children in England and much more she did anonimus.
Since sept 1889 she have had the editorship of Lucifer in cooporation 
with HPB till 1891  and after she worked with George Mead.
In a letter 27 maart 1891 wrote HPB that Annie Besant( Heliodore 
named by a master) should be the successor to HPB.

The first split does not have anything to do with HPB writings, but 
with the personal ambitions of W Judge, who wanted to become 
president of TS.Crisis 1884 he sending pamplets against Annie B, a 
try to set East against West.   After which Ts decided to get Judge  
kindly regard,

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