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Re: Theos-World Only Blavatsy's writing makes people fanatic, fundamentalist & dogmatic

Mar 11, 2006 06:25 AM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo Anand and all,

My views are:

Anand wrote:
"Blavatsky's students
continuously exhibit hatred, dogma, intolerance. "

And in his next email he wrote:
"Not all religions or writers make people fanatic, fundamentalist and
dogmatic. Among Theosophical circles, it is found only in students
of Blavatsky.

My Sufilight view and question:

The following are taken from Chapter X and is named "THEOSOPHISTS".
The words are those of the wellknown character in the books - namely the high Initiate named
Jerome Moreward Haig or simply JMH or MH. (PDF-file)

"Altogether I am sorry to see an attitude of dogmatism among Theosophical members
- some of them go so far as to think that they as Theosophists have the exclusive right
to attention from the Masters. They'd doubtless get a shock if you told them that there
is many an atheist and even a harlot more receptive to the teachings of the Masters than
they are. "

Now, this is an important statement as far as spiritual development goes.
And when we know JMH to be a real living human it should tell us something.
JMH was not just a fantasy created by the Author Cyril Scott.
You have an insiders word on that.

So any harlots at Theos-Talk ?

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Only Blavatsy's writing makes people fanatic, fundamentalist & dogmatic

     Good job. surprisingly incoherent logic.


Anand Gholap <> wrote:
 I have observed behaviour of students of Theosophy in various groups.
There are students of Leadbeater, Besant, Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich
and others. But among all students, fanaticism, fundamentalism and
dogmatism was found only in the students of Blavatsky. First object of
TS is to form nucleus of Universal Brotherhood. Blavatsky's students
continuously exhibit hatred, dogma, intolerance. So Blavatsky's writing
works against first object. It will be better if promoters of Blavatsky
realize it and stop spreading her writing.


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