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Re: Theos-World Blavatsky admitted she misunderstood teaching given by Masters

Mar 11, 2006 05:54 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear Anand and all,

My views are:

One aught to consider the following view by one of the Masters.
A view I support today, while writing this letter to you.

Blavatsky was allowed to lie, as any true theosophist are - if it is necessary to defend compassion. That is to defend compassion on an higher level or agenda.
This is issue Especially important in her letters, she is more outspoken. And some of her letters looks false.

Mahatma Letter no. 47 by Morya - 1882
"You know K.H. and me -- buss! know you anything of the whole Brotherhood
and its ramifications? The Old Woman is accused of untruthfulness,
inaccuracy in her statements. "Ask no questions and you will receive no
lies." She is forbidden to say what she knows. You may cut her to pieces and
she will not tell. Nay -- she is ordered in cases of need to mislead people;
and, were she more of a natural born liar -- she might be happier and won
her day long since by this time. But that's just where the shoe pinches,
Sahib. She is too truthful, too outspoken, too incapable of dissimulation:
and now she is being daily crucified for it. Try not to be hasty, respected
Sir. The world was not made in a day; nor has the tail of the yak developed
in one year. Let evolution take its course naturally -- lest we make it
deviate and produce monsters by presuming to guide it. "

M. Sufilight

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On 4 th January 1887 HPB wrote letter to Col. Olcott after Subba Raw
(S.R.) gave opinion about Proem of SD.
HPB writes   " ........Let S.R. do what he likes. I give him carte
blanche. I trust in his wisdom far more than in mine, for I may have
misunderstood in many a point both Master and the Old G. (other Adept).
They give me facts only and rarely dictate in succession. I am no maker
of books you know it........"
It not only tells wisdom of SR but also tells that she did
misunderstand things which went into her writing.
Later when she sent draft of Secrete Doctrine to Subba Raw for
correcting mistakes. He went through it and told her that if he was to
correct it he would have to write whole book again.

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