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Re: Theos-World Morten and the misleading notion, "Theosophy is KING."

Mar 11, 2006 04:13 AM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo all,

My views are:

Is it a theosophist like this one?
Perhaps it is this zealous member of the
'Long - faced League.' similar ones, you are referring to Bill ?

Cyrils scott's famous book "The Initiate in the New World by His Pupil" - page 34
An excerpt:
""It reminds me of the child I once heard of who asked his mother if clergymen wore
black because they were always thinking about death. Perhaps that really is the
reason only they don't know it."
M.H. lit a cigar and puffed at it meditatively for a few moments. Then he proceeded:
"Now hand in hand with cheerfulness goes another very useful quality - that is a
sense of humour that we are prevented from falling into the error I've just mentioned; I
mean this tendency to take ourselves too seriously. We ought in fact to be able to see a
humorous side to everything. I don't care what it is, though by that I don not imply that
we should have no self - control and should burst out laughing on all occasions. If we
could see the humorous side of everything, whether we show it outwardly or not, I can
assure you that we would not act in the foolish way we so often do. It happens, as you
know, to be a curious irony of fate that the very people who are lacking in this
humoristic sense are the very ones who prove so irresistibly humorous to others. They
are much like drunkards who, not being able to see their own actions, usually behave in
a way which makes everybody else laugh. I often think if these long - face - pulling
persons could see themselves as we Masters can see them they too might be induced to
laugh with us- which would be their salvation.
Not long ago I had my eye on a prospective pupil who had recently taken up the
Higher Occultism with most laudable and unusual zest. She had previously been a
happy, light - hearted creature full of gaiety and humour, sane in mind and healthy in
body, and on that account was especially popular among her friends. Well, as I said,
she took up occultism and the first result was that she changed completely. She lost all
her light - heartedness, lost her interest in her friends, began to neglect her appearance,
ceased to be witty and amusing- in short she became a most zealous member of the
'Long - faced League.'"

2. OR is in fact
Bill refering to, that the seekers after Truth, aught to especially avoid
theosophical leaders, who has the following stamps on their biographies.

* C. W. Leadbeater
This is NOT theosophy Leadbeater creates.

This one is impotant reading together with the above:

* Annie Besant
This is for sure NOT the proper kind of leadership!

* Krishnamurti
This is for sure NOT an Avatar. At best it is a pseudo-avatar.

Bill you know, - I do care.

M. Sufilight with peace and love

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Subject: Theos-World Morten and the misleading notion, "Theosophy is KING."

Avoid the Theosophists:
Scholars never have followed Theosophists, though they have frequently
or excelled Theosophists in divine wisdom.
Scholars can do this because they do not regard Theosophy as an end
as something useful: with the advantages and limitations corresponding to
this function.
Theosophists, quite often, do not show signs of understanding that there is
anything beyond
theosophy, and therefore they are incapacitated -- while they remain at
this stage -- from
being able to have a higher objective. One must always have an aspiration
than one's actual status in order to rise, even in an existing field.

Such Theosophists, because they cannot move beyond their conception of
theosophy, are
driven to believe and to practice two things:
1. They tend to make themselves believe that theosophy is of. the
highest nature among things and that Theosophists are a high, even special,
product with some kind of property-interest in truth or even a peculiar,
perhaps unique, capacity to perceive it. The historical records of Theosophists
in this respect, not to mention their individual experiences in being
refuted by events, do not daunt them.
2. Because they know inwardly that this posture of theirs is not
true, those of them in the appropriate field are compelled to resort to the
study of the work, of their opponents (the Scholars ). This is why
Theosophists study the works of Scholars, but Scholars do not have to
study the works of Theosophists, as one Scholar has cogently remarked.

So it is certainly NOT important to the scholarly Seeker after Truth to
adopt such ideas like "Theosophy is KING"!
I do hope the readers can agree upon this.

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