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Re: Theos-World Re: Impersonal Suspicions on Daniel

Mar 10, 2006 08:48 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Truth is stranger than fiction. If HPB were to be reading about your
experience, she would turning fast in her grave - I guess that was why she
wanted to be cremated!

Years ago when there was only one maillist - theos-l & no search engines, I
learnt by word of mouth, the existence of the theosophical maillist and
tried to contact the national HQ with no success.

Since I did not word my inquiry in precise terms, I was given a negative
answer. Like how lawyers handle questions. Later I happened to talk to a
theosophist 1500 miles away and he was kind enough to fax me the details of
the list and subscription.

Subsequently it became clear that it appears that the
organization/leadership did not want any of its members to know about the
list because the leadership seems to have made an subtle attempt to "control"
the list with zero success - organizations are known to control flow of info
to membership so that they can tailor the messages reaching the memberships
(include keeping members in the dark on things they did not want membership
to know)  and probably they did not know how to deal with unmoderated lists
where info not reflecting well on the leadership and organization may be
broadcast world wide.

Issues like this seem to point out, at least in my mind, the days of
traditon hierachical organizational setup is going to be a thing of the past
- in the cyclical aspect in nature, all organizations/countries etc have
when their time is up will have to go to be replaces by a better setup. I
believe we are in the sunsetting mode and I expect Internet to play a key
role in future in the growth of all movements.


On 3/10/06, <> wrote:
> . When I moved to my current city I made several attempts to have
> communication with the advertised Theosophy here and they wouldn't even
> return a call.
> When I finally actually talked to one of them on the phone they wouldn't
> give an
> address or any information about how a new member might join them.

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