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Re: Theos-World Re: Impersonal Suspicions on Daniel

Mar 10, 2006 07:44 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your reply and comments. You know, I think that you like me 
have spent some time just staring at and analyzing many of the old photographs 
of the early Theosophists gathered together in London, America, India Ceylon, 
and other places. I wondered as I looked at these strangers so displaced in 
time and place relative to me here in America and removed by sometimes a century 
of time what the uniquely different turbans, headgear, clothing or scantiness 
of clothing actually indicated as to caste, clan, rank, tribal affiliation, 
religious position and rank, and initiate level. I also was very impressed that 
the photo's I looked at communicated the Brotherliness and non-distinctions 
iterated in the founding objects. I knew that some of the factions and some of 
those gathered together in the old photo's had long standing disaffection's 
between them, but here at least that was set aside in the interest of the 
Theosophy that Madame Blavatsky and Olcutt had brought to presence, and in which they 
participated. Perhaps "Lodges" are the fundamental basic origin of the 
problem that bedevils the entire network that is representative of what Theosophy 
has become. Lineage's and so forth deprecate original meeting in New York that 
formed Theosophy could be a view for the purpose of exteriorization of the 
predicament now found. What elements have been the forces in contestation for 
right of power and right of direction of Theosophical evolutions?

   Was there a "return to Hindu holdership and dynasty?"  Where the worldwide 
affairs would be directed and controlled from India by Indians?

   Was there the entrance of Masonic Dogma and Lodges perfused into original 
Theosophy? And continued up until today by holders of dual membership who 
force fit the two together and try to make it appear seamless and 
indistinguishable? Do people have a right to know what the porridge is composed of?

    Has Theosophy possession of sufficient means to permanently exclude any 
intrusion by any Political Party or Movement?

   What other form of assembly and togetherness would enable a more proper 
functional operative efficient means of membership, meetings, friendly concourse 
and mutual exchange and interaction than "Lodges" which could not and would 
not generate vituperative resentments and protectionist hostilities?

   The original idea as I perceive it was that all parties regardless of any 
distinction could have assembly, interaction, equal hearing and reception 
without equivocation in any form or manner for the purpose of free uninhibited 
communication of knowledge, idea, thought, perceptions, origination's, 
discoveries, postulations, in a wonderfully free environment called Theosophy without 
artificially placed barriers such as rank, office, Degree, Special membership or 
other inhibitory creations.

   I have seen directly "Precinct Packing" and "District Packing" by 
Political Party. It is a dirty obscene drama implemented by holders of power for 
self-preservation of perceived necessity, with personal and group magnitudes of 
scale. Translated into the Tacoma scene it all brought back memories of vile 
political determinations I once witnessed. More than that, what I have read here 
posted by Krssanna seems to have propagated to other Theosophy Lodges 
elsewhere. When I moved to my current city I made several attempts to have 
communication with the advertised Theosophy here and they wouldn't even return a call. 
When I finally actually talked to one of them on the phone they wouldn't give an 
address or any information about how a new member might join them. This sure 
was very strange to me, but now maybe I begin to understand how stifled and 
scared the membership might have become internal to their knowledge and how it 
become the icy cold clammy hand of death upon the growth at grass roots level of 
things. Perhaps a special Poll is necessary and questions that are pointedly 
directly configured to determine what fears are held against acceptance of new 
members that might place them in a position similar or same to the Tacoma 

    Recently Carlos stated Paul "Identified" who David Green is. I continue 
to hold my own personal view that "Identify" is a misnomer and a faulted 
representation. I see where "accusation," "suspicion," "fancy," "rationalizations," 
and other characterization are proposed but if the direct question of the 
unerring truth incontrovertible and without any error is asked "Who is David 
Green?" a deafening silence must be the response as they have not proven beyond 
doubt their "speculations." If all those theosophists who agree with Carlos and 
Paul were so many in number then why don't they pass the hat and soon. very 
soon they will have the small court fee's required to take it to court and 
"Prove" their speculations and "assumptions."

   We all see how Politicians, and other have the unwritten law "never accuse 
a brother" so does the Mafia and the premise has a very long history of 
providing insulation of crimes against mankind and corrupt of the highest order and 
magnitudes, Lodges are no different, remember "P2" in Italy, sorry that 
simply refuses to wash in my personal mind thank you.


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