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Re: Theos-World Only Blavatsy's writing makes people think

Mar 10, 2006 05:57 PM
by Cass Silva

This appears to be a fear based statement Anand.  Isn't it better to live in peace than to want to consider what you think is "right".  We are minions and certainly are not responsible for the greatest natural philosophy since man first stepped on mother earth, available for others to share.

Anand Gholap <> wrote: I have observed behaviour of students of Theosophy in various groups. 
There are students of Leadbeater, Besant, Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich 
and others. But among all students, fanaticism, fundamentalism and 
dogmatism was found only in the students of Blavatsky. First object of 
TS is to form nucleus of Universal Brotherhood. Blavatsky's students 
continuously exhibit hatred, dogma, intolerance. So Blavatsky's writing 
works against first object. It will be better if promoters of Blavatsky 
realize it and stop spreading her writing. 


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