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Re: Theos-World What is "K"?

Mar 10, 2006 12:51 PM
by M K Ramadoss

The issue at litigation was Rajagopal who was the president of Krishnamurti
Trust (which had millions of dollars of assets) took control of the Trust
and would not provide any financial info to Krishnamurti for whose teaching
work it was setup and some of the donors wanted their money back. The
Krishnamurti and Attorney General of California sued the Trust and Trustees
and the whole matter was not settled until after Krishnamurti died. Attorney
General was involved because it was a public charitable tax exempt trust.

Krsanna, you have not missed much by not knowing about the litigation.


On 3/10/06, krsanna <> wrote:
> Is "K" for Krishnamurti or Krotona?  There was a legal battle over
> the Krotona property a few decades past. As you can see, I am not a
> Krishnamurti follower and knew him only by legend in metaphysical
> circles as the guy who didn't want to be the messiah.  I learned
> only recently that Krishnamurti's messianic role was engineered by
> Besant and Leadbeater.
> Strangly, MKR, I don't feel that missed anything.  The sun still
> rises, the moon still is full at the right time, and I still feel
> good.
> Krsanna

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