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Re: Theos-World TSA National Secretary to Tacoma Lodge Officer, Elizabeth Moore

Mar 10, 2006 09:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss

All theosophists and Krishnamurti followers are well aware of the litigation
the K went thru with Rajagopal and the Trustees of K Trust. Rajagopal, who
was a lawyer by training, wanted repeatedly to deal with K directly
bypassing his lawyers and K's lawyers told K that he could not do it without
jeopardizing the litigation.

Also for those newbees unfamiliar, some years ago, one of the K Trust
Trustees - Austin Bee, was for years an officer of TSA , and he took great
pains to hide his long connection with K. (Even in the two page obituary
published in Quest by TSA - when Algeo was TSA President, there was no
mention whatsover about Bee's involvement with K/K Trust). There was a time
when he as one of the Trustees was a litigant in a litigation K tried to
recover K Trust Properties in Chennai/Adyar from the control of Rajagopal
and his trustees and lo and behold the other party (representing K's
interests) was a committee of which Radha was a member, I think its

I am sure some of you may remember all this. As said earlier, TSA has a lot
of experience with litigation in the past.


On 3/10/06, krsanna <> wrote:
> Yes.  You are right.  The dangerous practice reflected in the letter
> is a measure of Jeffrey Forth, and a good one to remember.  All of
> John Scott's correspondence has gone through his attorney.
> Krsanna

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