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Mar 10, 2006 09:38 AM
by Erica Letzerich

  Greeks and Trojans I am glad not being Helena!
  Carlos is a good person which I know many years,  Paul is also a good person which I meet here on theos-talk. An appeal I will make stop fighting! Attacks after attacks will result but in negative effects and a horrible impression. Any new fellow interested in theosophy who may recently joined the list must be extremely shocked!
  Paul many theosophists consider your book an offence, specially those theosophists who have a more bhakti nature. You must at this time be already psychological prepared for that kind of challenge and reaction; actually you faced it many times. And this will never stop, this will go on and on, when you leave this world also it will go on and on. 
  You touched an African beehive with a short stick.
  I remember sometime ago you mentioned to be tired of such attacks and critics. Well in your place probably I also would be. But every cause has an effect and the opposite the same. 
  You also mentioned that you are thinking to leave the list. I think that eventually you will return again, nothing is forever, you went in and out many times and you have friends here. I think the major challenge here is to find a decent way to discuss without personal offences.

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