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Re: New book Blavatsky Busted

Mar 10, 2006 09:08 AM
by Anand Gholap

> there is something problematic about the 
> association between esotericism and elitism.  "We know spiritual 
> secrets, and we're superior to those who don't" is bad enough when 
> a sentiment shared within a private club like the ES. 

That is perhaps true. Some people after joining ES get that attitude 
after joining ES. And some people join ES to feel superior. I am not 
against ES. But this happens with some people in it.

> When it becomes 
> a *public* stance of contemptuous dismissal of everything outside 
> narrow range of Theosophical orthodoxy, it becomes a total 
reversal of 
> everything HPB stood for. 

I know HPB was against dogma, sect. But she wrote in such a manner 
that students of her writing become fundamentalist, fanatic. If she 
had greater literary capacity and general intelligence, she could 
have avoided that.
> As someone just wrote me in private email, 
> what theos-talk has become represents HPB's worst nightmare.
That is true. Even more embarrassing thing is her own writing is 
cause of it.

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