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$$$ for suit filed against Tacoma officers

Mar 10, 2006 08:30 AM
by krsanna

Who is paying for this lawsuit is a very good question and one that 
you should ask Betty Bland.  As you can see from Jeffrey Forth's 
letter, he was calling the shots on how the case was conducted, 
i.e., what direction the suit would take, in regard to Elizabeth 
Moore.  Forth did not refer to the "disaffected" members as "they" 
but said "we" intend...

A good guess (and it is only a guess) is that TSA is footing the 
legal fees for filing the suit against the officers in Tacoma.  I 
asked John Scott what he knew about the complaining parties to see 
if any of them were capable of doing this without TSA's deep 
pockets.  Since John Scott knew several of the complaining parties 
ony by name, he thought it was possible that Mike Somners may have 
had the money to file a suit, but didn't know for sure.

The "disaffected" party is probably the Linda that is mentioned in 
Rudy Don's letter.  She had acted as secretary pro temp for a few 
months last year when the previous secretary became ill.  

Linda sold books from the Lodge's library like a garage sale without 
the knowledge of the officers named in the suit.  She is as poor as 
a church mouse (literally) and has no money.  The fact that she sold 
books out of the Lodge's library without the knowledge of any other 
party is highly suspicious.  John Scott did not initially mention 
this, and it came up in a strange way that I will relate.  

John Scott called me because he had found some articles he thought I 
might like.  An older member had died and the surviving family had 
given many articles he had written plus his theosophical books to 
John in numerous large bags and boxes.  While we were on the 
telephone, John was looking for another article he remembered seeing 
then said with considerable surprise that he'd just found a box of 
books that look like they belong to the Lodge.  What was the now-
dead member doing with a box of books that belong to the Lodge, I 

Linda had decided the Lodge had too many books and sold many of them 
while she was secretary.  (This is the Linda that visited with Betty 
Bland.)  I asked John if he had been able to get any of the books 
back.  "How could I," he asked.  "I didn't know who bought them.  I 
just found these books in the boxes from the estate.  And he must 
have bought them from Linda."

I told him to document that she had sold books out of the Lodge's 
library to unknown persons whenever possible.  

The period for which written records are missing are the months in 
which Linda served as secretary.  Before Linda's "service," the 
records are complete and in good shape.  

TSA has a few surprises about the "disaffected" members that will be 
revealed during the discovery phase of the trial.  My suggestion to 
John Scott is to let TSA pay full dollar to discover the facts of 
the case.  Maybe TSA will think twice before launching a lawsuit 
against a Lodge.


--- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> I suppose the "disaffected" members being a party to the 
litigation may just
> be a technicality since TSA by itself may not have a standing.
> TSA has a lot of experience in litigation in the past. Litigation 
is very
> expensive.
> The question that needs to be asked is: Is TSA in any way 
financially or
> otherwise supporting the "disaffected" members in the litigation? 
If you
> follow the money, the matter will become transparent. As always, 
> is all about money and property, and nothing to do with theosophy.
> mkr
> On 3/10/06, krsanna <timestar@...> wrote:
> >
> > The following correspondence was published in the "Aquarian
> > Theosophist," January 17, 2005
> >
> >
> > To: "Jerome Wheeler" <ultinla@...>
> > Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005
> > Subject: RE: This is duplicate of letter that
> > was mailed yesterday(Thursday) :
> >
> > Dear Jerome,
> >
> > I appreciate your interest.
> > Considerable dialog has taken place in
> > order to avert legal action. Actually the
> > Theosophical Society in America is not
> > filing a lawsuit. The situation to which
> > you refer involves litigation by
> > disaffected members of the Tacoma
> > Lodge. My sincere hope is that all matters
> > can be resolved without acrimony.
> >
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