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Re: USA: Keeping Away From Hatred

Mar 10, 2006 04:27 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Interesting story, thanks Carlos;
Also I can deal with that hints,
Violence ended, where love starts.
Vr Gr Christina.

> These are but a few hints.
> There is much to investigate about this, but my main point now is 
that we 
> should keep away from any intense hatred against the Islam, or 
> Western Society (USA or Europe), or against anything at all.
> The Masters of the Wisdom and the Esoteric Philosophy seem to 
> universal understanding and unconditional respect,  without denying 
> failures, contrast and contradictions, whose repression only 
creates hatred.
> Western democracies in general may be facing difficult moments, 
now.  Yet 
> democracy, or the art of  perceiving and managing unity and 
diversity as a 
> simultaneous process,  is still the great lesson we have to learn, 
> inside and outside the theosophical movement.
> One of the Mahatmas wrote in the famous  Letter 120 (Chronological 
> "... discord is the harmony of  the Universe".
> And  Alexander Pope, the English  poet of the 18th century, had 
already thus 
> explained that aphorism of esoteric wisdom:
> "All Nature is but art, unknown to thee
> All chance, direction, which thout canst not see;
> All discord, harmony not understood;
> All partial evil, universal good;
> And, spite of pride, in erring reason's spite,
> One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right." (6)
> So be it.  Om, Shanti.
> Peace to all beings,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline.
> O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O
> (1) See  pp. 152-156. The  title is  "A Turkish Effendi on 
Christendom and 
> Islam".
> (2) See the article "The Akhund of Swat", in the "H.P.B. Collected 
> Writings", TPH, Volume I, p. 369.
> (3) Chapter 21, entitled  "Character".
> (4) "The Akhund of Swat", in the "H.P.B. Collected Writings", TPH, 
Volume I, 
> pp. 369-370.
> (5)"The Secret Doctrine",  Vol II, pp. 337- 341.
> (6)  Alexander Pope, "Essay on Man and Other Poems", Dover 
Publications, New 
> York, 1994, 99 pp., see pp. 52-53.
> O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O
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