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TSA National Secretary to Tacoma Lodge Officer, Elizabeth Moore

Mar 10, 2006 01:32 AM
by krsanna

Elizabeth Moore's response to TSA's National Secretary's letter 
(below) was to give the letter to John Scott with a donation for 
legal defense.

October 31, 2005

Dear Elizabeth,

Hopefully this letter arrives on the same day
that a lawsuit filed on behalf of the
Theosophical Society in America is served to
John Scott. We find ourselves caught in a
most unfortunate situation.

We regret that you are named as a defendant
in this lawsuit, but the attorney filing this
action has informed us that he must name
everyone who was listed as a board of
director or lodge officer on the letter of
secession addressed to the National board of
Directors on October 7, 2005 by John Scott.

I would like to clarify that this lawsuit is not
aimed at you personally. We have a great
deal of respect for your contributions to the
Tacoma Lodge as well as those of your
husband. We further believe that you were
caught unawares of John Scott's "hidden
agenda" which became known to you during
the meeting held with Betty Bland, the
National President, on Saturday October 25,
2005. In short, we intend to hold you
harmless in this legal action.

We are deeply concerned that a great deal of
lodge property has been removed from the
lodge premises, and has left any future
Theosophical group bereft of a library and
archival material. I am wondering if you
would have any old photographs or records of
donations or other property that has been
present in the lodge, so we might seek
remedy to retrieve it for future generations of
Theosophists in Tacoma. Any assistance you
could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I hope this letter clarifies matters and if you
have any questions or concerns, please direct
them to my office at 1-800-669-1571 ext. 321
or to Betty Bland, at ext. 327.

We hope too that you will continue to assist
the new group that has formed, for we
believe that you have a great knowledge base
and the wisdom to help guide the new group.
With warmest Regards,

(signed) Jeffrey S. Forth
International Headquarters, Adyar, Chennai,
India 600 020
{Note on Letter: Rec'd 11/4, Postmarked
10/31 p.m.}

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