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iain - silence in portuguese or english/Carlos/enlightenment

Mar 09, 2006 02:43 PM
by krishtar

Iain ( and Carlos too)
Your question is just funny.
..." Is this Portugese Silence or English Silence? and, What is the

Just <<silence>> if you know what I mean.
The light that comes from a person who has reached enlightenment is mostly
enough to open our sensibilities and free us from many illusions if the
seeker is open to it, Iain.
Ramana never wrote a book other than chants for his loved Arunachala and
thirty verses summarizing the essence of his teachings - the Upadesa Saram.
Carlos stated that he wrote, I considere this half-right, but he was a
sanyasin and sanyasins do not have strong relationship with mundane things,
very different from the Saddhus, who practised beggarship.
The books related to him were written by disciples and admirers and we can
see it in the official site related ( fro ramanashramanam ), full of
interviews and reminiscences.
Upadesa was the body of his teachings.
Paul Brunton was a very skeptical seeker and researcher and the meeting with
Ramana changed
his life in his pilgrimage in the search of truth.
It can be seen in his book about India ( which English name I do not
remember ).
The body of Ramana´s teachings is also the essence of Voice of silence ( or
vice versa ).
We can notice that in the most voluminous collection of dialogues with Sri
Ramana Maharshi, covering almost every spiritual topic imaginable and
recorded in English by Munagala Venkataramiah during the years 1935 to 1939
which is mainly based the work of Arthur Osborne, another seeker..
They are also avaiable free for download in Spanish and a few in English.


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Kristar wrote , that the Sage of Arunachala.
"the only thinks he preached were through silence"
Is this Portugese Silence or English Silence? and, What is the Diference!?
cheers Iain

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