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P. Johnson's Bodyguard?

Mar 09, 2006 01:28 PM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Steven,


Just for the record, I was never a follower of C.W.L.'s.

I always preferred HPB's literature and the Mahatma Letters, though Krishnamurti had a great influence on me up to 1992-93, that is, some 13-14 years ago...

As to Bill, he seems to be acting as a kind of "bodyguard" for Paul Johnson, who thus preserves his apparent elegance. No problem. Tests are welcome!

Best regards, Carlos.

From: Steven Levey <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World P. Johnson, Greenpeace & Freud
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 13:17:05 -0800 (PST)

Disagreement is one thing, but why are you so angry?
If you are looking for a reason for Carlos's vehemence regarding CWL, it is the history of CWL's perverted behavior and teaching, which was somehow condoned by his cronies, and the terrible miscoloration of Theosophy because of it. And yes, it appears as if Carlos was a follower, but when the lights come on, and one sees where they are and who they supported, perhaps the gloves come off. Especially when the mess is as obvious as that which was made and perpetrated in that time by Adyar. I would agree that we are indeed "kicking a dead horse" if it were not the case that the "dead horse" is still with us.
Regarding HPB, no where in his writings has Carlos, or anyone else on this site made HPB out to be perfect; her teachers---as far as we are concerned-YES. And as much as her "decaying corpse" is concerned, it was burned so that it couldn't rot, and she who inhabited it is far more potent now then she was then, being no longer inhibited by that body.
Take care Bill and cool off will you, it does you nor anyone else any good to have you blow off like this.


Bill Meredith <> wrote:

Dear friends,

Carlos has been trying to explain HPB as a perfect person and to
describe the Masters as Perfect Men. To his mind there are no
metaphysical or spiritual mysteries left to be solved since HPB and the
Masters have already solved them each and every one.

It is a question then of who we will worship. Carlos promotes the
fundamentalist view of theosophy that all but claims perfection for its
founder and her muses. He does not recognize any facts except those
that will support his final resting place in the arms of HPB. Oh Rock
of Ages, Cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee!

He does not perceive that a discussion and even an investigation of HPB
as a person with a history has any use within his theosophical
movement. In fact, if one were to look closely at Carlos's perception
of the theosophical movement one would see a stagnant cesspool of
century old ideas being guarded by a brigade of loyal and devoted
worshippers. The truth is that there is no movement in Carlos's
theosophy. It stands in its own stench and its modern day supporters
pretend they don't smell anything.

For me, the fact that Carlos stays transfixed in a movement that is
without motion is itself a subject for some self-examination.

For me, and I do not presume to speak for thousands of others, theosophy
is not limited to that which is taught by HPB and her Masters. In fact,
theosophy is something which is alive. And because it is alive, it is in
motion. It is experiential. It is of the timeless and can not be
limited to one person's expositions no matter how time appropriate those
expositions were. HPB is dead. The sooner we take our eyes off her
decaying corpse and put our focus back on the Divine Wisdom that
precedes and succeeds her, the quicker we will put motion back into the
movement. It is true that while there are some like Carlos, who mistake
running around in circles screaming, "the sky is falling" with
meaningful movement, there are some of us who know that such activity
has stalled the movement in its tracks and many are the seekers who have
abandoned the TS for this reason: It is not moving anywhere.

And just because Carlos cannot "see" that Divine Wisdom swallows HPB and
all her writings like a whale swallows water, he has to say that HPB's
theosophy is true and divine alone and in and of itself. And other
dogmatic, arm-chair reposing, book reading theosophists find his ideas
comforting, possibly because these ideas offer them an escape from the
challenge of living theosophy as motion in their own daily lives.

If Carlos would investigate Leadbeater in the light of Divine Wisdom he
would see that there is no fraud, only a different man's attempt to
express the inexpressible motion. Yet, Carlos who once followed
Leadbeater, has quit him for what he now thinks is a better leader.
Like a cigarette smoker who has finally quit, Carlos finds great
substitute pleasure in hating and bashing those whom he now finds
disgusting because they did not change their filthy habits at the very
moment he did.

The notion of a steep and narrow path will lead you straight to hell
Carlos. There is nothing special about you, or your theosophical
friends, or HPB, or any of the Masters to whom you are devoted. All is
as it should be. You are a small bug splattered on the windshield of
the universe and God will not notice you no matter how much you flap
your broken wings and yawp about the importance of you and your
thousands of friends around the world.

Carlos is like the Roman Catholic Clergy who try to keep themselves
firmly in control of the flock.
For such people there are no real people, nothing internal, subjective,
human. It's only the worship of the Pope that matters and the issue of
real people with real names and real thoughts is dismissed as
scholarship and heresy to the movement.

There are great souls all around us. Many will not see them because
their focus is on the dead carcass of HPB. She will not rise again.
Get over it. To worship her is to take theosophy down the same road
as those who worship the Pope today.

The problem, Carlos, is that you lack an understanding of what
constitutes sincerity. You have convinced yourself that any debating
point that is not in accordance with your understanding is,of course,
not sincere and can therefore be dismissed out of hand. You just keep
telling yourself that if the other person were really sincere they would
have already quit smoking too.



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