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Re: Koot Hoomi on sunspots and the sun

Mar 09, 2006 04:42 AM
by krsanna

The European has never been able to figure out how Mayan astronomy 
surpassed anything known in Europe without mechanical devices.  It 
took over 400 years for Europeans to decipher Mayan astronomy and 
calendars, but, once this was done, they have acknowledged that 
Mayan astronomy was far advanced.  They just can't figure out how 
they did it without (obvious) mechanical devices.  

The problem is that the consciousness of physical intellectuality 
cannot understand HOW the Maya go so much right without European 
mechanical devices.  As indicated in Koot Hoomi's comments posted 
this week, Europeans are advanced in physical intellectuality.  The 
Aryan Asiatic, from which Native Americans migrated, are the most 
spiritually advanced.

This is a case of physical intellectuality not understanding the 
spiritually advanced.  The Maya did solar initiations, which, I 
believe, are capable of introducing initiates to the abstract "mind" 
of the logos.  

The physical intellectuality of Europe was entering the "bright 
noon" of its cycle in the 19th century.  The question of how long 
the planet can sustain the onslaught of physical intellectuality of 
European consciousness before it collapses.  

The physical indicators suggest ecological collapse is eminent.  It 
is now that the 6th race (subrace) -- the messiah -- will resurrect 
to new life and start anew.  This puts a different light on the 
messianic expectations that Besant and Leadbeater were peddling to 
the physical intellectuality of Europe.  The seventh generation of 
their future race has been prophesied by Native Americans for as 
long as the European has been on the American continent.   

Koot Hoomi in October 1882:

"And now, when so many of your sisters have died, and others still 
are dying, while the few of the old survivors [older subraces], now 
in their second infancy, wait but for their Messiah  the sixth 
race  to resurrect to a new life and start anew with the coming 
stronger along the PATH OF A NEW CYCLE  now that the Western 
Cendrillon has suddenly developed into a proud wealthy Princess, the 
beauty we all see and admire  how does she act? Less kind hearted 
than the Princess in the tale, instead of offering to her elder and 
less favoured sister, the oldest now, in fact since she is nearly "a 
million years old" and the only one who has never treated her 
unkindly, though she may have ignored her,  instead of offering 
her, I say, the "Kiss of peace" she applies to her the lex talionis 
with a vengeance that does not enhance her natural beauty. This, my 
good friend, and brother, is not a far stretched allegory but  

Cleansing for the new cycle started on July 11, 1991, according to 
the calendar taken from Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.  This indicated 
that large earthquakes would cleanse the earth in preparation for 
the next world cycle after the solar eclipse on that date in 1991.  
The earthquake with the largest consequences ever recorded in 
history was on December 26, 2004, popularly known as the Asian 
Tsunami.  That was the herald of the necessary cleansing.  

Best regards,

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> It is a great pity that "science" will not acknowledge that the 
Mayan's, who were regarded as a primitive civilization by scientific 
communities, got it right.
> Cass
> krsanna <timestar@...> wrote: As to the current cycle that began 
in 1900, CNN published today new 
> predictions for the next solar maximum shortly after I posted some 
> of KH's comments on the sun.  The continued escalation of sunspots 
> (and flares) since 1900 points to the importance of solar 
> that KH explained.   
> Please note KH's simile of the brain for the sun.  The 2012 end of 
> the next solar maximum corresponds with the end of the Mayan long 
> count, which began 3113 BCE.  
> Krsanna

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