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Fwd: The Temple of a deeply familiar Atlantis--by H.P.B.

Mar 08, 2006 06:15 PM
by netemara888

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"The 'White Island' and Atala, at all events are no myths..applied 
the land of Sin--Atlantis...Having fallen in godliness they mixed 
with animal races and intermarried among giants and Pigmies. Many 
acquired DIVINE, more -- UNLAWFUL knowledge, and followed willingly 

"The Kings of Light have departed in wrath. The sins of men become 
black that Earth quivers in her great agony...The azure seats remain 
empty. Who of the Brown, the Red, or yet among the Black (races) can 
sit in the seats of the Blessed, the Seats of Knowledge and Mercy! 
Who can assume the flower of power, the plant of the golden stem and 
the azure blossom?"
Comment: Those who were the celestial kings fled before the 'great 
waters' and "The wise races had perceived "the black dragons, called 
down by the dragons of wisdom--and had fled, led on by the shining 
Protectors of the most Excellent Land."  In other words, some of us 
have no memory of those last days or days on Atlantis because we 
not there. We fled. I for one have absolutely no memory of the 
destruction of Atlantis but I do have memories in which I am talking 
to my son and telling him of a new land to which he can go to. 

By the  time of the destruction of Atlantis we are talking about a 
great deal of degeneration and of untold sins that made the faces of 
men 'black with sin.'
Here is another quote regarding the leaving of the Great Ones:

"...And the 'great King of the dazzling Face' the chief of all of 
Yellow faced, was sad, seeing the sins of the Black-faced. HE SENT 
HIS AIR-VEHICLES to all his brother-chiefs with pious men within 
saying 'Prepare, arise ye men of the good law and cross the land 
while (yet) dry.  The lords of the storm are approaching. Their 
chariots are nearing the land. One night and two days only shall the 
Lords of the Dark Face (the Sorcerers) live on this patient land. 
is doomed, and they have to descend with her.' The nether Lords of 
the Fire are preparing their magic fire weapons, and they are the 
slaves of the mighty ones. They are versed in the highest magical 

Net's Comment: Despite what many have seen, recorded or witnessed: 
the destruction of Atlantis was a PLANNED event by the Gods that be, 
the powers that be at that time. It was not merely the reaction of 
those things which were out of control or by the mere force of the 
sins, but by the Gods themselves, this destruction was planned to be 
complete, absolute and total, except for the memories of the 
collective souls which exists today.

"Let every lord of the Dazzling Face (an adept of White magic) cause 
the Viwan (magical power) of every lord of the Dark Face to come 
his hands lest any of the Sorcerers should by its means escape from 
the waters, avoid the rod of the Four (Karmic deities) and save his 
wicked people"

"May every yellow face send sleep from himself to every black face. 
May even they the Sorcerers avoid pain and suffering. May ever man 
true to the Solar Gods bind every man under the lunar gods, lest he 
should suffer or escape his destiny."

showered on the lands of the black Faces, but they slept. The 
speaking beasts (the magic watchers) kept quiet.  The waters arose, 
and covered the valleys from one end of the Earth to the other. High 
lands remained, the bottom of the Earth remained dry."

Finally: "When the Lords of the Dark Faces awoke and bethought 
themselves of the Viwans (magic powers) in order to escape from the 
rising waters, they found them gone. Many of the faint-hearted among 
them perished. But most were saved."


Comment: This material is from "The Secret Doctrines vol. II" by H. 
P. Blavatsky. There is a great deal written in this book about 
Atlantis, too much to record here.  But the text makes it clear that 
the magic powers of those who were to be destroyed with the White 
Island was taken away from them. They also seemed to have been 
of suffering and/or were put to sleep in order that their powers 
taken without them being made aware of it.  

Atlantis was about power, magic and technology of a kind that has 
never before been duplicated. However, all of it from levitation 
to the great buildings and statues were done with a power that was 
eventually misused and could only be described as pure evil 
incarnate. Blavatsky calls them also the Satanic race of man. She 
equates them with Atlanteans. But she does not mean it in a sense of 
pure evil initially, but that the history of Lucifer/Satan as the 
first prince of the world is as yet unknown also. He was never an 
angelic being living in heaven and rebelling, no he was the prince 
the land of Atlantis.

The beings who were there, literally every one of us, were at first 
beings of good and light, later the misuse of powers and sexual 
(where homosexuality and beastiality first appeared) were taking 
the minds, hearts and consciousness of the remaining beings who 
the left hand path, or embraced this evil. Again, man has always had 
free will. However, when the Gods intervened there was NO free will, 
many were destroyed by the very gods they once imitated.


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