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Re: Theos-World Re: Comments on Sunspots

Mar 08, 2006 05:14 AM
by Jacques Mahnich

krsanna <> wrote:     Is this 11-year mid-cycle when the sun's magnetic poles reverse. 
  Yes, it is. The sunspots are caused by magnetic lines emerging at the "surface" of the sun, due to Archimede thrust. They appear generally as paired : the front one having the same polarity than the hemisphere it belongs to, the tail one having the invert polarity and being situated at a higher latitude. Due to the differential rotation, the magnetic flux of the tail sunspot will arrive before the other one, and the combined effect of both is driving the reversal of sun's pole field. It happen every 11+ year.
Using 26- and 52-day cycles of the 260-day calendar (Tzolkin), I 
announced reversal of the sun's poles in 2000 six months before NASA 
announced it. I identified the change with the calendar and sent an 
email on September 30, 2000. I noticed that phenomena associated 
with the calendar reversed at that time, and the only possible 
explanation was that the sun's poles had reversed. In February 
2001, NASA announced the poles had started reversing in October 

I was thrilled to see KH's comments on sunspots along with the 
coronal effects that can be created with the brain. 

It would be nice to compare the sunspot cycles taken in Australia 
680 million years ago. Can you tell me wht information you are 
  Information about Australia findings came from NATURE, vol. 291 n 5817, pp. 624-628 / Macmillan Journals Ltd., 1981.
  Other valuable information on the subject can be founded at the Royal Greenwich Observatory :

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