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Re: Theos-World Carlos and the "The Masters Revealed"???

Mar 07, 2006 02:17 PM
by Bill Meredith

carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:

Dear Bill,

I forgot to write that Paul Johson's books have a lot in common with John Algeos perspective.
Are you saying now that you have in fact read PJ's books and are no longer passing judgement based on what others have told you to think about them? Good for you then. No doubt you have also sat and talked with John Algeo for at least long enough to understand his perspective? Good for you again.

There is a common lack of perception about the deeper aspects of the Esoteric Philosophy.
This is your perspective. Could you give us some specific examples from your interaction with Johnson's books and Algeo's perspective that we could then examine for ourselves and perhaps either arrive at a similar conclusion as yours or a different conclusion altogether.

P. Johnson (who was a Caldwell's and an Algeo's ally for years) will not discuss deep questions regarding the movement or the spiritual path.
Have you attempted to discuss deep questions with either of these individuals? Sorry, but to me it sounds like you really are saying that these individuals will not agree with your personally accepted answers to the deep questions regarding the movement or the spiritual path. If that is the case, feel free to add me to the list.

Could you be more specific about your statement that Johnson, Caldwell, and Algeo were allies for years? I have not been privvy to any information that would lead me to this same conclusion unless you mean that these three were allied in their desire to shed some additional light on the deep questions regarding the movement or the spiritual path. Also, could you provide some idea of what you mean by "spiritual path"? Often such a phrase is used to divide our brothers into that group that is with us on "our" path and those that are not with us and are therefore against us because they dare to tread a different spiritual path.
The difference is that Paul does not have a personal project involving political power in the movement. An important difference, by the way.
Do you have a personal project involving political power in the movement?

Yet -- a book called "The Masters Revealed" -- that is a disaster. That was most convenient
to Algeo and to Caldwell -- for a time.

Can you explain why a book called "The Masters Revealed" is a disaster? Do you find it "disgusting" as well?

Best regards, Carlos.


From: Bill Meredith <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Aveline, Caldwell , Algeo & Dugpas
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 11:40:13 -0500

carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:


An Adept-Teacher Explains:

Libels Against HPB Were Made By Dugpas in Vatican and Bhutan.




Another perspective:

Is Carlosaveline Cardoso Aveline now perpetuating the heightened public
interest in the lies published about HPB through his extensive and
relentless letter writing campaign protesting against the book LETTERS
OF HPB and attacking Caldwell and Algeo as agents of dugpas? Is Aveline
consciously drawing the attention of the public toward "the libels
against HPB" and actually contributing to the increased sales and
publicity of said book?

Methinks he doth protest too much.

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