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Comments on Sunspots

Mar 07, 2006 01:40 PM
by Jacques Mahnich

José Argüelles explained (The Mayan Factor - 1987) :
  " As we understand it,the solar system consists of a central star - the Sun - and its family of at least ten planets. This solar system is a self-contained organism whose subtil sheath or morphic field is called the heliocosm.Every 11,3+ years the heliocosm pulses outward and then for another 11,3+ years, it pulses inward. These 11,3 year inhalation-exhalation cycles are reffered to as the heliopause whose total movement occurs over a period of some 23 years. While sixteen 260-day cycles equal 11,3 years, 11,3 twenty-three cycles amount to approximately 260 years.
  The registering of the solar inhalation-exhalation by the heliopause corresponds precisely to the activity of the binary sunspot movements. In sunspot activity, two "spots" - one negative, the other positive - pulse inward from position 30 degrees north and south toward the solar equator. Approximately every 11,3+ years, the two "spots" meet at the equator, reverse polarity, and begin the process again at 30 degrees north and south of the solar equator. Cued to the heliopause, the total sunspot movement occurs in a period just under 23 years. In other words, the morphic field of the Sun has a breathing pattern some 23 years in duration." - end of quotation -
  Scientific observations since the beginning of the 20th century give us a varying period of 9 to 12,5 years, together with an average of 11 years. The current solar model explain the phenomenon (not knowing why the sunspots emerge), by a combination of physical laws : the sun is a gigantic dynamo due to its differential rotation (26 days at solar equator and 30 days at 60 degrees). The cycle begin with magnetic field in one direction - from one pole to the other one - then, the rotation is curving the magnetic field, transforming it from "vertical" to horizontal" one, aligned with the equator line. Then, when the binary sunspot "collide", the magnetic field switches to vertical one, but with and opposite direction vs the starting point. It took 11+ years to reach this mid-cycle, then the same process restart to end-up identical to the start positions.
  Quite interesting, earth observations from icing period (680 million years ago), taken in Australia, are showing clear marks of these cycles of 11 and 22 years, the 22 years being more large than the 11 year mark. It was also noticed marks of other cycles (90, 145 and 290 years).
krsanna <> wrote:
  As to the current cycle that began in 1900, CNN published today new 
predictions for the next solar maximum shortly after I posted some 
of KH's comments on the sun. The continued escalation of sunspots 
(and flares) since 1900 points to the importance of solar functions 
that KH explained. 

Please note KH's simile of the brain for the sun. The 2012 end of 
the next solar maximum corresponds with the end of the Mayan long 
count, which began 3113 BCE. 


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