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A few words from KH Re: America's wisdom

Mar 06, 2006 09:09 PM
by krsanna

Koot Hoomi discusses the rounds and races at length in this very 
long letter, #93B from "The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett."  He 
indicates that the Aryan Asiatic (whom HPB identifies with the 
American Indian) is spiritually the highest race now on the earth.  
It is the 1st subrace of the 5th root race.  The white conquerors 
are the highest in terms of physical intellectuality.  He mentions 
many older races and distinguishes between the ancient Greeks and 
Romans and distinguishes them between modern Greeks and Romans.  

The "Popul Vuh" is a Quiche Maya text that I use for working with 
the proto-Mayan calendar.  I've seen only one good Theosophical 
commentary on the "Popul Vuh."  

I've already tried to post this very, very long letter three times 
tonight, but it might be maxing out the server.  Anyone interested 
in the excellent explanation KH provides can look up the letter in 
hard copy.

Best regards, Krsanna

(All text below this line is from letter 93B.)

I told you before now, that the highest people now on earth 
(spiritually) belong to the first sub-race of the fifth root Race, 
and those are the Aryan Asiatics; the highest race (physical 
intellectuality) is the last sub-race of the fifth  yourselves the 
white conquerors. The majority of mankind belongs to the seventh sub-
race of the fourth Root race,  the above mentioned Chinamen and 
their off-shoots and branchlets (Malayans, Mongolians, Tibetans, 
Javanese, etc., etc., etc.) and remnants of other sub-races of the 
fourth  and the seventh sub-race of the third race. All these, 
fallen, degraded semblances of humanity are the direct lineal 
descendants of highly civilized nations neither the names nor memory 
of which have survived except in such books as Popul Vuh and a few 
others unknown to Science.

Letter 93B, "The Mahatma Letters To A.P. Sinnett:

Our fourth Round Humanity has its one great cycle, and so have her 
races and sub-races. The "curious rush" is due to the double effect 
of the former  the beginning of its downward course;  and of the 
latter (the small cycle of your "sub-race") running on to its apex. 
Remember, you belong to the fifth Race, yet you are but a Western 
sub-race. Notwithstanding your efforts, what you call civilization 
is confined only to the latter and its off-shoots in America. 
Radiating around, its deceptive light may seem to throw its rays a 
greater distance than it does in reality. There is no "rush" in 
China, and of Japan you make but a caricature. 

A student of occultism ought not to speak of the "stagnant" 
condition of Race people" since history knows next to nothing of 
that condition "up to the beginning of modern progress" of other 
nations but the Western. What do you know of America, for instance, 
before the invasion of that country by the Spaniards? Less than two 
centuries prior to the arrival of Cortex there was as great a "rush" 
towards progress among the sub-races of Peru and Mexico as there is 
now in Europe and the U.S.A. Their sub-race ended in nearly total 
annihilation through causes generated by itself; so will yours at 
the end of its cycle. We may speak only of the "stagnant conditions" 
into which, following the law of development, growth, maturity and 
decline every race and sub-race falls into during its transition 
periods. It is that latter condition your Universal History is 
acquainted with, while it remains superbly ignorant of the condition 
even India was in, some ten centuries back. Your sub-races are now 
running toward the apex of their respective cycles, and that History 
goes no further back than the periods of decline of a few other sub-
races belonging most of them to the preceding fourth Race. And what 
is the area and period of time embraced by its Universal eye?  At 
the utmost stretch a few, miserable dozens of centuries. A mighty 
horizon, indeed! Beyond  all is darkness for it, nothing but 
hypotheses. . . . .

(2) [For Question see p. 305. EDS.]. No doubt there was. Egyptian 
and Aryan records and especially our Zodiacal tables furnish us with 
every proof of it besides our inner knowledge. Civilization is an 
inheritance, a patrimony that passes from race to race along the 
ascending and descending paths of cycles. During the minority of a 
sub-race, it is preserved for it by its predecessor, which 
disappears, dies out generally, when the former "comes of age." At 
first, most of them squander and mismanage their property, or leave 
it untouched in the ancestral coffers. They reject contemptuously 
the advice of their elders and prefer, boy-like, playing in the 
streets to studying and making the most of the untouched wealth 
stored up for them in the records of the Past. Thus during your 
transition period  the middle ages  Europe rejected the testimony 
of Antiquity, calling such sages as Herodotus and other learned 
Greeks  the Father of Lies, until she knew better and changed the 
appellation into that of "Father of History." Instead of neglecting, 
you now accumulate and add to your wealth. As every other race you 
had your ups and downs, your periods of honour and dishonour, your 
dark midnight and  you are now approaching your brilliant noon. The 
youngest of the fifth race family you were for long ages the unloved 
and uncared for, the Cendrillon in your home. And now, when so many 
of your sisters have died, and others still are dying, while the few 
of the old survivors, now in their second infancy, wait but for 
their Messiah  the sixth race  to resurrect to a new life and 
start anew with the coming stronger along the path of a new cycle  
now that the Western Cendrillon has suddenly developed into a proud 
wealthy Princess, the beauty we all see and admire  how does she 
act? Less kind hearted than the Princess in the tale, instead of 
offering to her elder and less favoured sister, the oldest now, in 
fact since she is nearly "a million years old" and the only one who 
has never treated her unkindly, though she may have ignored her,  
instead of offering her, I say, the "Kiss of peace" she applies to 
her the lex talionis with a vengeance that does not enhance her 
natural beauty. This, my good friend, and brother, is not a far 
stretched allegory but  history.

(3) [For Question see p. 305. EDS.]. Yes; the fifth race  ours  
began in Asia a million years ago. What was it about for the 998,000 
years preceding the last 2,000? A pertinent question; offered 
moreover in quite a Christian spirit that refuses to believe that 
any good could ever have come out from anywhere before and save 
Nazareth. What was it about? Well, it was occupying itself pretty 
well in the same way as it does now  craving Mr. Grant Allen's 
pardon, who would place our primitive ancestor the "hedgehoggy" man, 
in the early part of the Eocene Age! Forsooth, your scientific 
writers bestride their hypothesis most fearlessly, I see. It will 
really be a pity to find their fiery steed kicking and breaking 
their heads some day; something that is unavoidably in store for 
them. In the Eocene Age  even in its "very first part  " the great 
cycle of the fourth Race men, the Atlanteans, had already reached 
its highest point, and the great continent, the father of nearly all 
the present continents, showed the first symptoms of sinking  a 
process that occupied it down to 11,446 years ago, when its last 
island, that, translating its vernacular name, we may call with 
propriety Poseidonis, went down with a crash. By the bye, whoever 
wrote the review of Donnelly's Atlantis is right: Lemuria can no 
more be confounded with the Atlantic Continent than Europe with 
America. Both sunk and were drowned with their high civilizations 
and "gods," yet between the two catastrophes a short period of about 
700,000 years elapsed; "Lemuria" flourishing and ending her career 
just at about that trifling lapse of time before the early part of 
the Eocene Age, since its race was the third. Behold, the relics of 
that once great nation in some of the flat-headed aborigines of your 
Australia! No less right is the review in rejecting the kind attempt 
of the author to people India and Egypt with the refuse of Atlantis. 
No doubt your geologists are very learned; but why not bear in mind 
that, under the continents explored and fathomed by them, in the 
bowels of which they have found the "Eocene Age" and forced it to 
deliver them its secrets, there may be, hidden deep in the 
fathomless, or rather unfathomed ocean beds, other, and far older 
continents whose stratums have never been geologically explored; and 
that they may some day upset entirely their present theories, thus 
illustrating the simplicity and sublimity of truth as connected with 
inductive "generalization" in opposition to their visionary 
conjectures. Why not admit  true, no one of them has ever thought 
of it  that our present continents have, like "Lemuria" 
and "Atlantis," been several times already submerged and had the 
time to reappear again, and bear their new groups of mankind and 
civilization; and that, at the first great geological upheaval, at 
the next cataclysm  in the series of periodical cataclysms that 
occur from the beginning to the end of every Round,  our already 
autopsized continents will go down, and the Lemurias and Atlantises 
come up again. Think of the future geologists of the sixth and 
seventh races. Imagine them digging deep in the bowels of what was 
Ceylon and Simla, and finding implements of the Veddahs, or of the 
remote ancestor of the civilized Pahari  every object of the 
civilized portions of humanity that inhabited those regions having 
been pulverized to dust by the great masses of travelling glaciers 
during the next glacial period  imagine him finding only such rude 
implements as now found among those savage tribes; and forthwith 
declaring that during that period primitive man climbed and slept on 
the trees, and sucked the marrow out of animal bones after breaking 
them  as civilized Europeans, no less than the Veddahs will often 
do  hence jumping to the conclusion that in the year 1882 A.D. 
mankind was composed of "man-like animals," black-faced, and 
whiskered, "with prominent prognathous and large pointed canine 
teeth." True, a Grant Allen of the sixth race may be not so far from 
fact and truth in his conjecture that during the "Simla period" 
these teeth were used in the combats of the "males" for grass 
widows  but then metaphora has very little to do with anthropology 
and geology. Such is your Science. To return to your questions.

Of course the 4th race had its periods of the highest civilization. 
Greek and Roman and even Egyptian civilization are nothing compared 
to the civilizations that began with the 3rd race. Those of the 
second were not savages but they could not be called civilized. And 
now, reading one of my first letters on the races (a question first 
touched by M.) pray, do not accuse either him or myself of some new 
contradiction. Read it over and see, that it leaves out the question 
of civilizations altogether and mentions but the degenerate remnants 
of the fourth and third races, and gives you as a corroboration the 
latest conclusions of your own Science. Do not regard an unavoidable 
incompleteness as inconsistency. You now ask me a direct question, 
and, I answer it. Greeks and Romans were small sub-races, and 
Egyptians part and parcel of our own "Caucasian" stock. Look at the 
latter and at India. Having reached the highest civilization and, 
what is more, learning  both went down. Egypt as a distinct sub-
race disappearing entirely (her Copts are a hybrid remnant). India  
as one of the first and most powerful off-shoots of the mother Race, 
and composed of a number of sub-races  lasting to these times, and 
struggling to take once more her place in history some day. That 
History catches but a few stray, hazy glimpses of Egypt, some 12,000 
years back; when, having already reached the apex of its cycle 
thousands of years before, the latter had begun going down. What 
does, or can it know of India 5,000 years ago, or of the Chaldees  
whom it confounds most charmingly with the Assyrians, making of them 
one day "Akkadians," at another Turanians and what not? We say then, 
that your History is entirely at sea.

We are refused by the Journal of Science  words repeated and quoted 
by M.A. (Oxon) with a rapture worthy of a great medium  any claim 
whatever for "higher knowledge." Says the reviewer: "Suppose the 
Brothers were to say `point your telescope to such and such a spot 
in heavens, and you will find a planet yet unknown to you; or dig 
into the earth, . . . etc., and you will find a mineral,' etc." Very 
fine, indeed, and suppose that was done, what would be the result? 
Why a charge of plagiarism  since everything of of that kind, 
every "planet and mineral" that exists in space or inside the earth, 
is known and recorded in our books thousands of years ago; more; 
many a true hypothesis was timidly brought forward by their own 
scientific men and as constantly rejected by the majority with whose 
preconceptions it interfered. Your intention is laudable but nothing 
that I may give you in answer will ever be accepted from us. 
Whenever discovered that "it is verily so," the discovery will be 
attributed to him who corroborated the evidence  as in the case of 
Copernicus and Galileo, the latter having availed himself but of the 
Pythagorean MSS.

But to return to "civilizations." Do you know that the Chaldees were 
at the apex of their Occult fame before what you term as the "bronze 
Age"? That the "Sons of Ad" or the children of the Fire Mist 
preceded by hundreds of centuries the Age of Iron, which was an old 
age already when what you now call the Historical Period  probably 
because what is known of it is generally no history but fiction  
had hardly begun. We hold  but then what warrant can you give the 
world that we are right?  that far "greater civilizations than our 
own have risen and decayed." It is not enough to say as some of your 
modern writers do  that an extinct civilization existed before Rome 
and Athens were founded. We affirm that a series of civilizations 
existed before, as well as after the Glacial Period, that they 
existed upon various points of the globe, reached the apex of glory 
and  died. Every trace and memory had been lost of the Assyrian and 
Phoenician civilizations until discoveries began to be made a few 
years ago. And now they open a new, though not by far one of the 
earliest pages in the history of mankind. And yet how far back do 
those civilizations go in comparison with the oldest?  and even 
them, history is shy to accept. Archaeo-geology has sufficiently 
demonstrated that the memory of man runs back vastly further than 
history has been willing to accept, and the sacred records of once 
mighty nations preserved by their heirs are still more worthy of 
trust. We speak of civilizations of the ante-glacial period; and 
(not only in the minds of the vulgar and the profane but even in the 
opinion of the highly learned geologist) the claim sounds 
preposterous. What would you say then to our affirmation that the 
Chinese  I now speak of the inland, the true Chinaman, not of the 
hybrid mixture between the fourth and the fifth Races now occupying 
the throne  the aborigines, who belong in their unallied 
nationality wholly to the highest and last branch of the fourth 
Race, reached their highest civilization when the fifth had hardly 
appeared in Asia, and that its first off-shoot was yet a thing of 
the future. When was it? Calculate. You cannot think that we, who 
have such tremendous odds against the acceptance of our doctrine 
would deliberately go on inventing Races and sub-races (in the 
opinion of Mr. Hume) were not they a matter of undeniable fact. The 
group of islands off the Siberian coast discovered by Nordenskjold 
of the "Vega" was found strewn with fossils of horses, sheep, oxen, 
etc., among gigantic bones of elephants, mammoths, rhinoceroses and 
other monsters belonging to periods when man  says your science  
had not yet made his appearance on earth. How came horses and sheep 
to be found in company with the huge "ante-diluvians"? The horse, we 
are taught in schools  is quite a modern invention of nature, and 
no man ever saw its pedactyl ancestor. The group of the Siberian 
islands may give the lie to the comfortable theory. The region now 
locked in the fetters of eternal winter uninhabited by man  that 
most fragile of animals,  will be very soon proved to have had not 
only a tropical climate  something your science knows and does not 
dispute,  but having been likewise the seat of one of the most 
ancient civilizations of that fourth race, whose highest relics now 
we find in the degenerated Chinaman, and whose lowest are hopelessly 
(for the profane scientist) intermixed with the remnants of the 
third. I told you before now, that the highest people now on earth 
(spiritually) belong to the first sub-race of the fifth root Race, 
and those are the Aryan Asiatics; the highest race (physical 
intellectuality) is the last sub-race of the fifth  yourselves the 
white conquerors. The majority of mankind belongs to the seventh sub-
race of the fourth Root race,  the above mentioned Chinamen and 
their off-shoots and branchlets (Malayans, Mongolians, Tibetans, 
Javanese, etc., etc., etc.) and remnants of other sub-races of the 
fourth  and the seventh sub-race of the third race. All these, 
fallen, degraded semblances of humanity are the direct lineal 
descendants of highly civilized nations neither the names nor memory 
of which have survived except in such books as Popul Vuh and a few 
others unknown to Science.

(4) [For Question see page 305. EDS.]. To the Miocene times. 
Everything comes in its appointed time and place in the evolution of 
Rounds, otherwise it would be impossible for the best seer to 
calculate the exact hour and year when such cataclysms great and 
small have to occur. All an adept could do would be to predict an 
approximate time; whereas now events that result in great geological 
changes may be predicted with as mathematical a certainty as 
eclipses and other revolutions in space. The sinking of Atlantis 
(the group of continents and isles) began during the Miocene period 
 as certain of your continents are now observed to be gradually 
sinking  and it culminated  first, in the final disappearance of 
the largest continent, an event coincident with the elevation of the 
Alps; and second with that of the last of the fair Islands mentioned 
by Plato. The Egyptian priests of Sais told his ancestor Solon, that 
Atlantis (i.e. the only remaining large island) had perished 9,000 
years before their time. This was not a fancy date, since they had 
for milleniums preserved most carefully their records. But then, as 
I say, they spoke but of the "Poseidonis" and would not reveal even 
to the great Greek legislator their secret chronology. As there are 
no geological reasons for doubting, but on the contrary, a mass of 
evidence for accepting the tradition, Science has finally accepted 
the existence of the great continent and Archipelago and thus 
vindicated the truth of one more "fable." It now teaches, as you 
know, that Atlantis, or the remnants of it lingered down to post-
tertiary times, its final submergence occurring within the 
palaeozoic ages of American history! Well, truth and fact ought to 
feel thankful even for such small favours in the previous absence of 
any, for so many centuries. The deep sea explorations  especially 
those of the Challenger, have fully confirmed the reports of geology 
and palaeontology. The great event  the triumph of our "Sons of the 
Fire Mist," the inhabitants of "Shamballah" (when yet an island in 
the Central Asian Sea) over the selfish but not entirely wicked 
magicians of Poseidonis occurred just 11,446 ago. Read in this 
connection the incomplete and partially veiled tradition in Isis, 
Volume I, p. 588-94, and some things may become still plainer to 
you. The corroboration of tradition and history brought forward by 
Donnelly I find in the main correct; but you will find all this and 
much more in Isis.


--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> I can submit this from my notes but cannot verify it.
> 1 WORLD PERIOD = 1 GLOBE  (Earth Planet)
> 1 GLOBE = carries and promotes evolution of 7 ROOT RACES
> 1 ROOT RACE - Reigning stock consists of 7 SUB RACES
> 1 ROUND = 7 GLOBES = OUR 4TH ROUND = 617,142,856 YEARS
> 7 ROUNDS = 1 CHAIN = 4,320,000 years or 1 DAY OF BRAHMA
> 7 CHAINS = 1 SOLAR SCHEME (PERIOD) = (Period of Evolution from 
Elemental to Human)
> AGE OF BRAHMA = 100 YEARS = 311,040,000,000,000 years
> EVOLUTION OF ONE KINGDOM (fe to graduate from Mineral to Vegetable 
requires = 7 ROUNDS or 1 CHAIN.
> First listing is Secret Doctrine, 2nd Christian and 3rd Kabbalah
> It seems like we have quite a long way to go! But look how far we 
have come!
> Cass
> leonmaurer@... wrote: Cass, Krsanna, et al,
> In all this talk about a 6th root race being born in America, we 
should be 
> aware that HPB was probably talking about the 6th sub-race of the 
5th root race 
> that would intermingle the different physical races (related to 
skin color and 
> other differing DNA characteristics) to generate better bodies for 
the now 
> incoming 6 subracers (who some are now calling "Indigos") so they 
can survive in 
> the changing ecology of the Earth, along with better resistance to 
> pandemics soon to come.   
> When HPB spoke of races she referred to the higher nature or ego 
rather than 
> the lower animal or physical nature.   Accordingly the, 5th root 
race still 
> has 2 more sub races to go before it evolves into the 6th root 
race.   And, it 
> shoul be noted that the cycles of the sub-races are quite a bit 
shorter than 
> that of the root races.   Be nice if someone can come up with 
quotes from the SD 
> to verify all this -- (hint, hint, nudge, nudge Dallas, maybe:-) --
 since all 
> my books and notes are in storage.   In matters of theosophical 
> it isn't wise to speculate or depend on speculation or the 
interpretations of 
> visionaries.
> Best wishes,
> Lenny
> In a message dated 3/6/06 1:13:19 AM, silva_cass@... writes:
> > Thanks for your response Krsanna.� I haven't as yet been to 
your web site, 
> > but will do as soon as time permits.� I was referring to other 
> > that are floating around the www.
> > I have not studied in depth the 4th Earth Chain or the root 
races so I only 
> > have a limited knowledge of it.� One of those subjects that I 
keep telling 
> > myself to get around to discovering!� Another subject I am 
interested in is 
> > that HPB says Mars nor Mercury belong to our chain, and their 
periods o(more 
> > survivable in the changing world ecoloogical conditions)f 
> > Although in my late 50's I am going to need another 50 years to 
get to all I 
> > need to learn before I leave the planet!
> > 
> > I have early notes stating that the sub-races of the 5th RR are 
> > Ario-semites, Iranians, Celts, Teutons, Australians/American? 
and Latin?
> > 1st RR - 1.6 million years, 2nd - 3.1 million years, 3rd - 4.7 
> > years,5th 7.9 million years, 6th 9.4 million years and 7th 11.0 
million years, 
> > making a total of 44 million years.
> > 
> > The 4th RR were the Rmoals,(11 MY) Tlavatti, (22.MY)Toltecs,
(33.1 MY) 
> > Turanians,(44 MY) Semites,(55.1 MY) Akkadians( 66.1 MY) and 
Mongolians (77.2 MY), 
> > making a total of 308.5 million years.
> > 
> > Cass
> > 
> > Cass
> > 
> > krsanna  wrote: "Evidently we, THEOSOPHISTS, are not 
> > the only iconoclasts in this
> > world of mutual deception and hypocrisy. We are not the only ones
> > who believe in cycles and, opposing the Biblical chronology, lean
> > towards those opinions which secretly are shared by so many, but
> > publicly avowed by so few. We, Europeans, are just emerging from 
> > very bottom of a new cycle, and progressing upwards, while the
> > Asiatics--Hindus especially--are the lingering remnants of the
> > nations which filled the world in the previous and now departed
> > cycles. Whether the Aryans sprang from the archaic Americans, or 
> > latter from the prehistorical Aryans, is a question which no 
> > man can decide. But that there must have been an intimate 
> > at some time between the old Aryans, the prehistoric inhabitants 
> > America--whatever might have been their name--and the ancient
> > Egyptians, is a matter more easily proved than contradicted."� 
> > 
> > The Aryans in India, as I understand them, were the first fifth
> > round incarnations on the planet.� "The Mahatma Letters to A.P.
> > Sinnett" discuss this with lengthy explanations of the inner 
> > of the person distinguishing the fifth round.� Sinnett has a 
> > time with the idea and believed the European represented the 
peak of
> > culture.� As you can see above, Blavatsky suggests an intimate
> > connection between the Aryans and the prehistoric inhabitants of
> > America.�
> > 
> > CNN published this weekend an account of the 9,000-year-old
> > Kennewick Man discovered in Washington State in 1996.� The 
> > Man would certainly qualify as a prehistorical American, and 
> > science indicates he is of Asian descent.� Further studies 
must be
> > done to find his precise origin, which, by the way, is best
> > indicated by the size and shape of the skull.
> > 
> > Blavatsky speaks of the Europeans emerging from the bottom of a
> > cycle and heading back up.� Neither Blavatsky nor the Mahatmas 
> > of the Europeans as the hope of humankind.� Neither did they 
> > the Rh positive mutation with Sinnett, and very little 
discussion is
> > seen about this in a world presently dominated by neo-European
> > culture.� I've always wondered if extreme aggression is a
> > characteristic associated with the Rh positive mutation.��
> > 
> > The Rh positive blood factor is a mutation that first appeared in
> > Europe that brings the Europeans closer to the Rhesus monkey,
> > because the Rh positive is literally a blood protein shared with 
> > Rhesus monkey.� I suspect that the Europeans are emerging from 
> > period in which they experienced mutations that produced the Rh
> > positive blood lines.� Virtually all aboriginal people are Rh
> > negative, which means they do not share the specific blood 
> > with Rhesus monkeys.��
> > 
> > Human evolution has grown progressively distant from the lower
> > primates.� The logic of an evolutionary advance bringing 
> > closer to a lower primate makes little sense.� I don't think 
the Rh
> > positive mutation was an advance and suspect it was something 
> > happened at the bottom of a cycle.� White Europeans are 
> > least suited to deal with increased radiation levels associated 
> > the present global heating trend with increasing solar 
> > 
> > The Aryans with whom fifth round souls first incarnated are not
> > European.� It is possible that the White European is a mutation
> > caused by factors that can be discussed later.� Contemporary 
> > genome projects will tell much more.� As I recall, Blavatsky 
> > about the divine root originating in central Asia as well as the
> > relationship of the Aryans and arachaic Americans which 
> > in Asia.�
> > 
> > Many prophesies in Native America anticipated the arrival of the
> > White race and also the birth of the rainbow people, the people 
> > mixed racial descent, who would inherit the land and culture.� 
> > Native Americans prophesied the birth of the rainbow people after
> > the White Brothers arrived, it seems that the mixing of Native
> > Americans with other races would produce the rainbow people.
> > 
> > If the 6th root race will "lay the groundwork for the spiritual
> > liberation of the Americas," the best candidates on the horizon 
> > the rainbow people prophesied in Native America.� Central and 
> > America are full of rainbow people, lineages of Indian and White
> > descent, who are presently revitalizing the native culture 
> > 
> > There's good reason to believe that South and Central America are
> > areas where 6th root race will lay the groundwork for the 
> > liberation of the Americas.� Promising signs of this are 
> > apparent.��
> > 
> > Demographic studies show that Hispanics (largely of Indian 
> > who share DNA characteristics with North Amerian Indians) will 
> > be a dominant force in the U.S.� The demographics of the U.S. 
> > very different in the next 50 years than they do now.�
> > 
> > I first forecast catastrophic pandemics in 1996, and the U.N. has
> > joined in that forecast more recently.� Many scientists say 
that it
> > is not a matter of if a pandemic will occur, but only a question 
> > when.� My own forecast is that the nuclear, biological and 
> > weapons America has created to destroy others have created their 
> > problems in the ecology of America that will be devastating.� 
One of
> > my resources for this was a NASA study (which I have) that finds
> > that American soil is saturated with inorganic nitrates that are 
> > found in long-lived rain forests.� (WHY IS NASA STUDYING 
> > 
> > I don't recall saying that "the USA will be reduced to half its
> > area."� (Let me know if you've seen anything like that on my 
> > site!� It's out of date.)� The USGS has warnings in place 
> > extreme dangers on the East and West Coasts.
> > 
> > Cliffs on the Canary Islands are shearing large slabs and
> > simultaneously sinking.� A tsunami on the East Coast is highly
> > probable in the event of a catastrophic shearing and sinking 
> > in the Canary Islands.� You can Google this for more 
> > 
> > Land is sinking at a rapid rate on the coast of Louisiana.� 
> > predicts catastrophic earthquakes are a certainty on the West 
> > within 25-30 years.�
> > 
> > I personally believe the East Coast will be the sinker for the 
> > for a number of reasons that are too lengthy to go into here.�
> > 
> > In any event, these are a few initial thoughts.� I'd like to 
> > this more in the future.� I have some thoughts about skull-
> > size and structure being primary changes in the 6th race.
> > 
> > Regadless of the descent of the 6th race, once in existence 
> > gets a chance to incarnate with it sooner or later.��
> > 
> > Best regards,
> > Krsanna
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > --- In, Cass Silva� wrote:
> > >
> > > I read in Isis that� "the religious customs of the Mexicans,
> > Peruvians and other American races are nearly identical with 
> > of the ancient Phoenicians, Babylonians and Egyptians".� This
> > suggests that the forefathers of the modern Indian were refugees
> > from Atlantis.� I have also read that the aboriginal tribes 
are the
> > last of the 4th root race, and are the remnants of a long long 
> > cultural and religious civilization that surpassed even the 
> > >
> > > I have the deepest respect for the native indians of America 
and I
> > was wondering if you could expand on your assimilation 
theory.� I
> > have also read that it would be the 6th root race that would lay 
> > groundwork for the spiritual liberation of the Americas.� Yet 
> > flies in the face of the current prophesies that the� USA will 
> > reduced to half its area, and looking at the current world 
> > I see it as having to be a miracle of sorts.
> > >
> > > I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this 
> > >
> > > Cheers
> > > Cass
> > >
> > > krsanna� wrote: The structure and freedom of speech,
> > assembly and religion of the
> > > motherland upon which the Theosophical Society was modeled were
> > the
> > > legacy of the Iroquois League of Nations, which Benjamin 
> > > and Thomas Jefferson both studied.� Meritocracy was 
> > into
> > > world governance by way of America's ancient teachings, 
adopted by
> > > the Founding Fathers of the USA.� ("1491: New Revelations of 
> > > Americas Before Columbus" and "Indian Givers" are two good 
> > to
> > > start with on this history, even though they are only entry
> > points.)
> > >
> > > As Blavatsky found in 1851 when she visited the U.S. seeking 
> > > ancient wisdom teachings she was certain had been endowed in 
> > > Americas, Christians systematically obliterated the ancient
> > wisdom.�
> > > As Theosophists we know that people, culture, and language 
> > > and disappear in cycles.� Restoring America's wisdom is the 
> > of
> > > the "7th generation," widely prophesied throughout the 
Americas to
> > > be the heirs of the land and culture of the ancients.�
> > >
> > > Anyone who thinks the new race will be born in America without 
> > > native people has another think coming.� Mark� my 
words.� You ain't
> > > seen nothing yet.
> > >
> > > The emergence of America's ancient wisdom will be refined and
> > > assimilated in ways not anciently realized, but that's the 
point of
> > > evolution.��
> > >
> > > Krsanna Duran
> > 
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