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Re: Theos-World Did Pasadena TS tell lies under sweet name of Esoteric Instructions ?

Mar 06, 2006 08:17 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Anand, Friends,

Let's put it this way: in 1895, those who felt lied to, sided with either Besant or Judge, depending upon who they believed was telling the truth. Accordingly, those who felt lied in in 1945-46, sided with either Conger, or with the dissenting Board members, depending upon who they believed was telling the truth. In 1951, those who felt lied to sided with either Long or with Hartley, depending upon...well, you know....

By 1931 there were dozens of "Theosophical" organizations populated by Theosophists who believed that they have been lied to. Who is going to cut through the Gordian knot and tell us who are the liars and who are the truth tellers?
I have met the leaders of all these factions and others too. They all strike me as sincere and dedicated people trying to promulgate Theosophy to the best of their ability. Isn't that good enough?

Perhaps the Theosophical Movement is better off with its multitude of expressions coming from many organizations. Now, students of Theosophy have different schools to compare. They can choose the one (on ones) which best meet their temperament.
I submit that the most constructive thing a member of a Theosophical organization can do is to keep an eye on their own organization and make sure that those in charge are being honest. Let the members of other organizations keep watch on their own leaders.


Anand Gholap wrote:

Let us analyse facts given in message 30270. Purucker wrote in ES circular

if within three months after
de Purucker's death or disappearance no-one could give "the proper
proofs of

spiritual leadership", "then you will know that you have failed".
No such leader or Outer Head of ES emerged, which meant Pasadena TS failed, there was no ES after Purucker's death and so there was no Outer Head of ES in Pasadena TS. Despite these specific directions, in 1945, Conger claimed to be the Outer Head of the Esoteric School which had ceased to exist. He appointed William Hartley as successor, cabinate rejected him and appointed James Long as leader in 1951. James Long closed ES and told that Purucker had already stopped ES instructions in 1939. Does that mean Pasadena TS told lies during 1939 to 1951 under the name of Esoteric Instructions ?


--- In, gregory@... wrote:

In response to Damian's request for information on the Pt
Loma/Pasadena ES I am

sending a summary of a section from a paper I gave at a
Thosophical history

conference in California many years ago. It comes from a study of

societies and esoteric groups within the Theosophical movement. I
hope to

complete the work for publication one day.

Dr Gregory Tillett

De Purucker died suddenly and unexpectedly on September 27, 1942.
He had left

specific instructions regarding his successor: the successor was
to "emerge"

within three years after de Purucker's death, and would be
recognized by "the

proper proofs of spiritual leadership". During those three years,
the Society

was to be ruled by a Cabinet. If no Head emerged, then the
Cabinet was to

elect a leader.

No successor emerged, and the Cabinet elected Colonel Conger. The
ES continued

without an OH. De Purucker had made no provision for a successor
to be

appointed, but, at ES meetings he had given directions on the
matter, and these

had been published in a confidential ES circular: if within three
months after

de Purucker's death or disappearance no-one could give "the proper
proofs of

spiritual leadership", "then you will know that you have failed".
The ES was

meanwhile administered by a Council.

Conger began to make claims to this position. At a meeting of the
ES on

December 21, 1945, Conger claimed to be the OH of the ES. The
Cabinet divided

between those who accepted this claim (including John van Mater
and Grace

Knoche) and those who rejected it (including Henry Edge and Emmett

On December 25, ten leading members of the ES (including Small,
Harrison and

Edge) presented Conger with a statement of protest against his
claim. They

challenged Conger to demonstrate knowledge of an inner degree of
the ES. Conger

declined to do so.

A controversy developed between Conger and his supporters, and
those who denied

his claims. In March, 1946, Conger demanded the resignation of
the dissidents.

It seems probable that the majority of members of the ES within
the Point Loma

Society rejected Conger's claim.

At a meeting on Paris 4, 1946, Conger announced the closure of the
ES "by the

Master's direction", and declared that esoteric activities were
now "forbidden

by the Master". However, in October, 1946, a circular was sent
out announcing

that ES activities were to be resumed, and those wishing to take
part must sign

and return a pledge, whereupon they would receive de Purucker's ES

Conger died on February 22, 1951, and left a witnessed document

William Hartley as his successor. However, the Cabinet
unanimously refused to

recognize Hartley and James Long was appointed as leader.

Long claimed that de Purucker had stopped giving out teachings
about 1939, and

that there had been no instruction after that year even in the
ES. Long

finally closed the ES, saying, enigmatically, "the esoteric has
now become

exoteric, and the exoteric esoteric".

Following Long's death on July 19, 1971, he was succeeded by Grace

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