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Re: Theos-World America's wisdom with care

Mar 06, 2006 04:56 PM
by leonmaurer

Cass, Krsanna, et al,

In all this talk about a 6th root race being born in America, we should be 
aware that HPB was probably talking about the 6th sub-race of the 5th root race 
that would intermingle the different physical races (related to skin color and 
other differing DNA characteristics) to generate better bodies for the now 
incoming 6 subracers (who some are now calling "Indigos") so they can survive in 
the changing ecology of the Earth, along with better resistance to the 
pandemics soon to come.   

When HPB spoke of races she referred to the higher nature or ego rather than 
the lower animal or physical nature.   Accordingly the, 5th root race still 
has 2 more sub races to go before it evolves into the 6th root race.   And, it 
shoul be noted that the cycles of the sub-races are quite a bit shorter than 
that of the root races.   Be nice if someone can come up with quotes from the SD 
to verify all this -- (hint, hint, nudge, nudge Dallas, maybe:-) -- since all 
my books and notes are in storage.   In matters of theosophical metaphysics, 
it isn't wise to speculate or depend on speculation or the interpretations of 

Best wishes,


In a message dated 3/6/06 1:13:19 AM, writes:

> Thanks for your response Krsanna.  I haven't as yet been to your web site, 
> but will do as soon as time permits.  I was referring to other prophecies 
> that are floating around the www.
> I have not studied in depth the 4th Earth Chain or the root races so I only 
> have a limited knowledge of it.  One of those subjects that I keep telling 
> myself to get around to discovering!  Another subject I am interested in is 
> that HPB says Mars nor Mercury belong to our chain, and their periods o(more 
> survivable in the changing world ecoloogical conditions)f obscuration.
> Although in my late 50's I am going to need another 50 years to get to all I 
> need to learn before I leave the planet!
> I have early notes stating that the sub-races of the 5th RR are Hindu, 
> Ario-semites, Iranians, Celts, Teutons, Australians/American? and Latin?
> 1st RR - 1.6 million years, 2nd - 3.1 million years, 3rd - 4.7 million 
> years,5th 7.9 million years, 6th 9.4 million years and 7th 11.0 million years, 
> making a total of 44 million years.
> The 4th RR were the Rmoals,(11 MY) Tlavatti, (22.MY)Toltecs,(33.1 MY) 
> Turanians,(44 MY) Semites,(55.1 MY) Akkadians( 66.1 MY) and Mongolians (77.2 MY), 
> making a total of 308.5 million years.
> Cass
> Cass
> krsanna <> wrote: "Evidently we, THEOSOPHISTS, are not 
> the only iconoclasts in this
> world of mutual deception and hypocrisy. We are not the only ones
> who believe in cycles and, opposing the Biblical chronology, lean
> towards those opinions which secretly are shared by so many, but
> publicly avowed by so few. We, Europeans, are just emerging from the
> very bottom of a new cycle, and progressing upwards, while the
> Asiatics--Hindus especially--are the lingering remnants of the
> nations which filled the world in the previous and now departed
> cycles. Whether the Aryans sprang from the archaic Americans, or the
> latter from the prehistorical Aryans, is a question which no living
> man can decide. But that there must have been an intimate connection
> at some time between the old Aryans, the prehistoric inhabitants of
> America--whatever might have been their name--and the ancient
> Egyptians, is a matter more easily proved than contradicted."  (LAND
> The Aryans in India, as I understand them, were the first fifth
> round incarnations on the planet.  "The Mahatma Letters to A.P.
> Sinnett" discuss this with lengthy explanations of the inner light
> of the person distinguishing the fifth round.  Sinnett has a hard
> time with the idea and believed the European represented the peak of
> culture.  As you can see above, Blavatsky suggests an intimate
> connection between the Aryans and the prehistoric inhabitants of
> America. 
> CNN published this weekend an account of the 9,000-year-old
> Kennewick Man discovered in Washington State in 1996.  The Kennewick
> Man would certainly qualify as a prehistorical American, and current
> science indicates he is of Asian descent.  Further studies must be
> done to find his precise origin, which, by the way, is best
> indicated by the size and shape of the skull.
> Blavatsky speaks of the Europeans emerging from the bottom of a
> cycle and heading back up.  Neither Blavatsky nor the Mahatmas spoke
> of the Europeans as the hope of humankind.  Neither did they discuss
> the Rh positive mutation with Sinnett, and very little discussion is
> seen about this in a world presently dominated by neo-European
> culture.  I've always wondered if extreme aggression is a
> characteristic associated with the Rh positive mutation.  
> The Rh positive blood factor is a mutation that first appeared in
> Europe that brings the Europeans closer to the Rhesus monkey,
> because the Rh positive is literally a blood protein shared with the
> Rhesus monkey.  I suspect that the Europeans are emerging from a
> period in which they experienced mutations that produced the Rh
> positive blood lines.  Virtually all aboriginal people are Rh
> negative, which means they do not share the specific blood protein
> with Rhesus monkeys.  
> Human evolution has grown progressively distant from the lower
> primates.  The logic of an evolutionary advance bringing Europeans
> closer to a lower primate makes little sense.  I don't think the Rh
> positive mutation was an advance and suspect it was something that
> happened at the bottom of a cycle.  White Europeans are probably
> least suited to deal with increased radiation levels associated with
> the present global heating trend with increasing solar activity. 
> The Aryans with whom fifth round souls first incarnated are not
> European.  It is possible that the White European is a mutation
> caused by factors that can be discussed later.  Contemporary human
> genome projects will tell much more.  As I recall, Blavatsky spoke
> about the divine root originating in central Asia as well as the
> relationship of the Aryans and arachaic Americans which originated
> in Asia. 
> Many prophesies in Native America anticipated the arrival of the
> White race and also the birth of the rainbow people, the people of
> mixed racial descent, who would inherit the land and culture.  If
> Native Americans prophesied the birth of the rainbow people after
> the White Brothers arrived, it seems that the mixing of Native
> Americans with other races would produce the rainbow people.
> If the 6th root race will "lay the groundwork for the spiritual
> liberation of the Americas," the best candidates on the horizon are
> the rainbow people prophesied in Native America.  Central and South
> America are full of rainbow people, lineages of Indian and White
> descent, who are presently revitalizing the native culture there. 
> There's good reason to believe that South and Central America are
> areas where 6th root race will lay the groundwork for the spiritual
> liberation of the Americas.  Promising signs of this are already
> apparent.  
> Demographic studies show that Hispanics (largely of Indian descent
> who share DNA characteristics with North Amerian Indians) will soon
> be a dominant force in the U.S.  The demographics of the U.S. look
> very different in the next 50 years than they do now. 
> I first forecast catastrophic pandemics in 1996, and the U.N. has
> joined in that forecast more recently.  Many scientists say that it
> is not a matter of if a pandemic will occur, but only a question of
> when.  My own forecast is that the nuclear, biological and chemical
> weapons America has created to destroy others have created their own
> problems in the ecology of America that will be devastating.  One of
> my resources for this was a NASA study (which I have) that finds
> that American soil is saturated with inorganic nitrates that are not
> found in long-lived rain forests.  (WHY IS NASA STUDYING INORGANIC
> I don't recall saying that "the USA will be reduced to half its
> area."  (Let me know if you've seen anything like that on my web
> site!  It's out of date.)  The USGS has warnings in place about
> extreme dangers on the East and West Coasts.
> Cliffs on the Canary Islands are shearing large slabs and
> simultaneously sinking.  A tsunami on the East Coast is highly
> probable in the event of a catastrophic shearing and sinking event
> in the Canary Islands.  You can Google this for more information. 
> Land is sinking at a rapid rate on the coast of Louisiana.  The USGS
> predicts catastrophic earthquakes are a certainty on the West Coast
> within 25-30 years. 
> I personally believe the East Coast will be the sinker for the U.S.,
> for a number of reasons that are too lengthy to go into here. 
> In any event, these are a few initial thoughts.  I'd like to discuss
> this more in the future.  I have some thoughts about skull-brain
> size and structure being primary changes in the 6th race.
> Regadless of the descent of the 6th race, once in existence everyone
> gets a chance to incarnate with it sooner or later.  
> Best regards,
> Krsanna
> --- In, Cass Silva  wrote:
> >
> > I read in Isis that  "the religious customs of the Mexicans,
> Peruvians and other American races are nearly identical with those
> of the ancient Phoenicians, Babylonians and Egyptians".  This
> suggests that the forefathers of the modern Indian were refugees
> from Atlantis.  I have also read that the aboriginal tribes are the
> last of the 4th root race, and are the remnants of a long long vast
> cultural and religious civilization that surpassed even the Greeks. 
> >
> > I have the deepest respect for the native indians of America and I
> was wondering if you could expand on your assimilation theory.  I
> have also read that it would be the 6th root race that would lay the
> groundwork for the spiritual liberation of the Americas.  Yet this
> flies in the face of the current prophesies that the  USA will be
> reduced to half its area, and looking at the current world situation
> I see it as having to be a miracle of sorts.
> >
> > I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Cass
> >
> > krsanna  wrote: The structure and freedom of speech,
> assembly and religion of the
> > motherland upon which the Theosophical Society was modeled were
> the
> > legacy of the Iroquois League of Nations, which Benjamin Franklin
> > and Thomas Jefferson both studied.  Meritocracy was introduced
> into
> > world governance by way of America's ancient teachings, adopted by
> > the Founding Fathers of the USA.  ("1491: New Revelations of the
> > Americas Before Columbus" and "Indian Givers" are two good books
> to
> > start with on this history, even though they are only entry
> points.)
> >
> > As Blavatsky found in 1851 when she visited the U.S. seeking the
> > ancient wisdom teachings she was certain had been endowed in the
> > Americas, Christians systematically obliterated the ancient
> wisdom. 
> > As Theosophists we know that people, culture, and language appear
> > and disappear in cycles.  Restoring America's wisdom is the work
> of
> > the "7th generation," widely prophesied throughout the Americas to
> > be the heirs of the land and culture of the ancients. 
> >
> > Anyone who thinks the new race will be born in America without the
> > native people has another think coming.  Mark  my words.  You ain't
> > seen nothing yet.
> >
> > The emergence of America's ancient wisdom will be refined and
> > assimilated in ways not anciently realized, but that's the point of
> > evolution.  
> >
> > Krsanna Duran

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