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Mar 06, 2006 11:31 AM
by christinaleestemaker

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>Hello, in our country we have that on the 5 th of May 1945, the end 
of WWII.
How is that possible?
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> Dear Friends,
> There seems to be a lot of anger against the United States of 
America these 
> days.
> In order get a broad  perspective of things, we can remember a few 
> which reveal the  link between the theosophical movement and human 
> evolution, since 1875.
> 1) Coincidence or not,  the end of the World War II in Europe and 
> victory of democratic countries is celebrated in the same day when 
> founder of the theosophical movement closed her incarnation. H. P. 
> Blavatsky, who lived for Universal Brotherhood,  left her physical 
body in 
> 8th of May 1891, and the War ended  8th of May, 1945.
> 2) Harry Truman, the 33rd  president of the USA  who lead the final 
> in the Second World War,  was born precisely  in  May 8th, 1884.
> 3) It is also interesting that the Theosophical Society was  
founded in 1875 
> in the city of  New York,  exactly seventy years before the 
creation of the 
> United Nations in 1945.  And, of course, the U.N. Headquarters is   
> established  in the very same city.
> 4) The U.N. Chart starts with a vigorous proclamation of the first 
objet of 
> the theosophical moovement --   that of Universal Brotherhood.  Far 
> perfection as they are, the theosophical movement is an inner seed 
> universal brotherhood, just  as the U.N. is its outer seed.  They 
may need a 
> few thousands of years to flourish in a beautiful way.
> 5) Yet even the creation of the thesophical movement in 1875 was 
not a 
> process entirely new.  The USA, as a motherland, did  inspire the 
> of the Theosophical Society,  and H.P.B. wrote:
> "Born in the United States, the Society was constituted in the 
model of its 
> Motherland. The latter, omitting from its Constitution the name of 
God lest 
> it should afford a pretext one day to  make a  state religion, 
> absolute equality to all  religions in its laws. All support and 
each is in 
> turn protected by  the State.  The Society, modelled upont this 
> Constitution, may fairly be termed `A Republic of Conscience'."
> So if the present policies of the U.S. government are wrong and 
unfair in 
> many an aspect,  it may be wise to give it a few more centuries 
before we 
> get too  angry or too frustrated.
> Meanwhile, we can take care of our own, somewhat still  
precarious "Republic 
> of Conscience" , the theosophical movement.  Are we doing our 
homework in  
> the best way we can? Or do we still have kings, popes and 
candidates to 
> kings and popes in the movement?
> Best  regards,    Carlos Cardoso Aveline
> O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O  o o O
> (1) "The Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky",  TPH, 
India/USA/UK, Volume 
> II, page 104. The text from which comes this paragraph  is 
entitled "What 
> Are the Theosophists?" .
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