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Request for information on trilithons at Adyar

Mar 06, 2006 03:22 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Greetings all

I'm planning to write a short historical piece about the trilithons on the Adyar estate, and want to know if anyone on this list knows of a source of information about them.

A trilithon is an arch made of 3 pieces of stone in a rectangular shape and there are 5 of them at Adyar, carved with various beings and figures. The little information I have says they were obtained by Colonel Olcott from one or more princes in the neighborhood. They are very weighty, so it must have been a considerable effort to move them and re-erect them.

There's extremely little about them on the internet, from an initial search, so a few comments from the historically-minded on the list, some references, or the names of people who might have the information in their collections, would be very appreciated.

Best wishes

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