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Re: Theos-World Re: HPB and the Ancient America Adepts

Mar 05, 2006 12:55 PM
by leonmaurer

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> Information provided to HPB by living residents of Peru was the
> source of her discovery of the Andean center, with the many miles of
> caves she mentions in "Isis Unveiled."  She employed the testimony
> of residents. 
> Discoveries as recent as 2001 enlarge the possibility of ancient
> centers of learning that disseminated "the secret doctrine"
> considerably.  Cuban and Russian scientists did an initial survey of
> sunken pyramids in the Caribbean, off the coast of Cuba, in 2001 to
> determine that the sunken pyramids most closely resemble those at
> Teotihuacan.  These sank long before they were recorded in any known
> literature.  The sunken pyramids in the Caribbean are truly ancient
> and lost in history. 
> The location in the Caribbean is memorialized in the pyramids at
> Teotihuacan, built betweeen 300 and 100 BCE.  The location off the
> coast of Cuba is identified in the TimeStar geometry, and I
> published that location as the likely site of pyramids in 1997,
> before the Cubans announced the discovery.
> Cuba is an ideal location for a base between the Mediterranean and
> Mexico.  Cortes sailed from Cuba when first traveling to
> Mexico.  "The Feathered Serpent," Quetzalcoatl, who gave numbers and
> letters to Mexico, sailed towards Cuba when he left Mexico.  The
> discovery of these sunken pyramids and place references pointing to
> the Caribbean embedded at Teotihuacan is specific and significant in
> this regard.
> You will be hearing much more about the sunken pyramids near Cuba,
> when the Cubans and Russians are ready to publish.  The Cubans have
> refused U.S. assistance with the newly discovered pyramids and hired
> Canadians to do the technical work for the 2001 exploration.  Not
> much is heard about the pyramids in the U.S., although "National
> Geograhic" published a small amount of information.
> Krsanna Duran

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