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Re: Theos-World More for John: Hindu astronomy, ages

Mar 05, 2006 12:17 PM
by samblo

     Yes I did spend about two hours late in the morning reading mainly the 
pages you had on Dan Fry. I also briefly scanned rapidly the text about the 
Seven Tablets of the Dresden Codex but on that I spent time counting the elements 
and such thing actually composing the JPG. which I really loved, I did read 
the description you had for each but not to the degree I assimilated 
completely, I intend to return to read more thoroughly. I did not read any on the Crop 
Circles but I do wish to return and read on those as soon as I have time I am 
interested in Crop Circles and would like to see what your perception have been.
   Yes, I do recall you posting to the Forum about the sides of the 
"triangle" of 2160 miles on a side, that was new and original and novel to me I haven't 
yet had time to haul out a map and see exactly what you yourself see there 
but I intend to look when I get time. I can easily duplicate you response to my 
posting "Sun Moon Earth  Unity of Three  Pyramid of Life and Wisdom" as 
something personal to your perspective but in all truth I am happy to see your view 
has exact coincidence but these were and are not my words but those of the 
"Vessel of Light" as spoken to us in 1976-77, they are archived and recorded on 
audio tape. Brian in projection drew 10 pages of special "drawings" that 
directly related to the Transformation to take place at Tiahuanaco, the Sun Moon 
Earth were primary components of that series of drawings as referenced to the 
Primary Figure on the Gate of the Sun Tiahuanaco and the "radians" extending for 
a distance of 99 kilometers. I have not spent a lot of time on the study of 
Teotihuacan Complex but I have the view that it is very special as it contains 
the planets of the Solar System and the Moon as an integrated complex.
On the top of the hat worn by the High Preist/Astronomer of Tiahuanaco  was a 
 colored pattern that represented the Southern Celestial Hemisphere and on it 
had many elements that composed significant regularly observed Celestial 
Events, in the center of the design was the "Puma Star" colored yellow which 
represented the "captured Moon" there was a Jaguar Temple at Tiahuanaco which was 
constructed in such a manner that the running water made a guttural "panther" 

   About the values I posted on the Forum if you look you will note I did not 
post a value of 324,000 miles as I had no cognizance of that value until you 
as a result of your own personal research posted it, so although we had most 
of the same values you had one I did not specify that is entirely of your 
origin and intimate to your diligent research. I do not write articles or publish 
my findings. Nor do I procure the wonderful research of other worthy living 
Beings as my own, I share unreservedly with all as much as possible. Find the 
Space wherein we are, what is there to clutch or hold? BTW, have you any of 
Francis Robiscek's works on the Mayans?

 In reply to your earlier question would I like to read your article you 
referenced, of course I would however there is a slight problem. Somehow my PC 
security settings will not allow receipt of attachments or even permit me to send 
an attachment I have tried to undo this but failed miserably lol.



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