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Lidofsky: A teacher compares George to Adolf

Mar 05, 2006 09:26 AM
by krsanna

1.  The example is "Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to 
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler" available at, first published 
in English in 2003.  The manuscript was tied up in legal and 
academic research for decades.  The most recent example of America's 
dealings with Native Americans is the Eloise Cobell case against the 
U.S. that has been in federal court for several years.  You can 
Google "Cobell vs" to find it.  The Cobell case represents long-
standing federal policy in dealing with Indians, that is now being 
staunchly questioned in the courts.  In 2002, a federal judge held 
employees of the Department of the Interior in contempt of court for 
repeatedly refusing to account for their handling of Indians in 
cases as recent as 1990.  

The behavior questioned in the Cobell case is mild compared to early 
instances of genocide under the guidance of Andrew Jackson.  You 
didn't ask me about what Andrew Jackson did, but you could start 
with Supreme Court rulings in the early 19th century which declared 
the land grab that Jackson orchestrated illegal.  Jackson had the 
army and conducted blatant genocide to accomplish his desires, 
knowing full well the illegality of his actions.  Things got worse 
for Indians from that time.  

2.  Of course I looked to find Theosophical work in the Civil Rights 
Movement.  I didn't have to look far to find Gandhi's involvement in 
India's independence and Nehru's assistance to Tibet.  

Krsanna Duran

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> krsanna wrote:
> > Amen! Americans rarely acknowledge that America was Hitler's 
> > inspiration for confining and eliminating inferior races, and 
> > he wrote about how well America had handled American Indians by 
> > isolating them on "federal reservations," that were often as 
> > as Hitler's concentration camps. 
> 	Can you give ONE example of this?
>  > American President Andrew Jackson
> > pioneered biological warfare by infecting blankets with 
> > rounding up Indian children, women and men at gunpoint in the 
> > of the winter and giving them the smallpox infected blankets.  
> 	The French pioneered it during the French and Indian war. 
Please give 
> documentation that Andrew Jackson even used it.
> > American Indians do not have immunity to childhood diseases 
> > in Europe, i.e., measles and smallpox.  This lack of immunity is 
> > part of American Indian genetics and America's government used 
it to 
> > exterminate the Indians who had legal claims to their 
> 	Can you document this, or are you making this up, as well?
> > inferiors was still practiced in America during World War II.  
> > of the first things I noticed about theosophical hypocracies was 
> > that I have never once seen a single comment in theosophical 
> > literature about the Civil Rights Movement that Rosa Parks began 
> > 1954 when she refused to give up her seat to a White man.  
> 	Have you looked?
> > Why didn't an organization dedicated to brotherhood get out on 
> > line and march with Rosa Parks?  Why didn't Theosophists write 
> > the Civil Rights Movement to integrate America's schools, 
> > businesses, and churches the way Gandhi worked to liberate India?
> 	Because the Theosophical Society itself is enjoined from 
> involved in politics, although individual members are encouraged 
to do so.
> 	Bart

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