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Re: Theos-World More for John: Hindu astronomy, ages

Mar 05, 2006 09:04 AM
by krsanna

This responds to my concern and takes me "off the hook" for not 
providing more information online.  You mentioned that you had 
stayed up and read my web site last week, and I thought your 
question about variable values might be something you saw in the 
articles when doing that reading.  I cite some of the exact numbers 
you mentioned (the diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles) because of 
the 2,160-mile sides of an equilateral triangle formed with two crop 
circles and the pyramids at Teotihuacan, which is what first 
directed my attention to those pyramids.  One of the crop circles 
was in Washington State and the other one was in New York State.  
The crop circles were tested and found to be authentic.  

Similarly, the same numbers found in Vedic literature and 
Teotihuacan serve as signature mathematics.  This is important to 
Theosophists because it identifies Teotihuacan as a center of 
ancient learning, and that's what Blavatsky was looking for when she 
traveled to the Americas in 1851.  Major excavations at Teotihuacan 
did not start until the 20th century, decades after Blavatsky's 

The construction at Teotihuacan accomplishes the same purpose as you 
describe when you were able to adopt the position of the High Priest 
viewing the heavens and the horizon to see the [celestial] bodies 
appear and depart.  These ancient centers were dynamic learning 

It amazes me that Theosophist don't know the ancient wisdom of 
America while simultaneously claiming that the new race will be born 
in the America.  


--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Krsanna,
>    Thanks for your comments and reply. Actually I have never read 
any of your 
> articles off or online to my knowledge or memory. What I have 
posted is 
> resident in my mind for many years, since 1977. I found myself 
seeing these values 
> beginning with John Mitchels "View Over Atlantis" a paperback he 
authored way 
> back then (I still have it on my bookshelve here) and from there 
> resources and my own research and extrapolations using a plethora 
of sources. 
> Hamilton and I during the "Twilight zone" period looked onto this 
region of thought 
> as a possible tool to help explain the paranormal explanations in 
> Gemetria and Theomatics also interwove in it for a time. I still 
have notebooks with 
> different diagrams and values I was generating back in those days. 
> perception back then was that these numeric values from a lower 
base number  on a 
> multiples scale are very easily mnemonically memorized and 
incorporated into 
> personal memory and use as "thumbnails" for referencing the arena 
of astronomy 
> surveying, architecture, I tried to imagine myself as the ancient 
person who 
> performed the actions and tried to get the sense of what they did 
and saw and how 
> they extrapolated the human body and natural thought such 
as "nosing out" a 
> direction, "putting the best foot forward",  "measuring by 
hand", "toeing the 
> mark", and other natural expressions one finds commonly and 
anciently in many 
> cultures used in many languages and places and then I saw it 
engraved in the very 
> stones and the figures and I was able to adopt the position of the 
> Priest standing there viewing the heavens and the horizons 
watching the bodies 
> appear and depart. Back then it was when I was reading Higgins 
Anacalypsis that 
> Madame Blavatsky cited in her works with all the cycles and values 
he got 
> involved in that also was stimulating tot me. .
> Best regards,
>  John
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