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Re: Theos-World Basic questions

Mar 05, 2006 07:13 AM
by adelasie

Hi Pedro,

Tolerance is one of the watchwords of the ancient wisdom from which 
Theosophy comes. Considering the vast diversity within the body of 
humanity, more and more evident to the individual at this time of 
rapid electronic global communication, it seems likely that it is 
wise allow for many different sources of inspiration and teaching. 
Who among us is really qualified to decide which truth will speak to 
which student and to what effect? And, considering the state of human 
affairs in this cycle, it seem foolish to discourage any student from 
any course of study that gives him/her spiritual sustenance and 
strength to carry on. Theosophy came to humanity in this cycle for a 
reason. We have work to do. Instead of criticizing the way others 
perceive and carry out their burden, why not just get on with ours? 
There might not be a whole lot of time left to play mind games and 
pretent that the teachings of the Great Ones apply to someone else, 
not to us.

All the best,

On 5 Mar 2006 at 5:06, prmoliveira wrote:

> Hi Adelasie,
> I resonate to the views you have expressed above. They reminded me of
> what Col. Olcott said in his Presidential Address to the 1894
> Convention at Adyar:
> "All professed teachings of Mahatmas must be judged by their 
> intrinsic merit; if they are wise they become no better by reason of
> their alleged high source; if foolish, their worthlessness is not
> nullified by ascribing to them the claim of authority."
> pedro  

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