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Re: Theos-World Hindu astronomy, ages & precession

Mar 04, 2006 07:46 PM
by krsanna

Don't ya love the correlations?  There's one point I want to bring 
out, with all due respect for your observations, which genuinely 
appreciate.  Like virtually all ancient peoples, American Indians 
used lunar calendars throughout the Americas.  The Lakota named 
months for events occurring in the lunar period, e.g., the moon of 
cherry blossoms.  The assumption that everybody knew about the Mayan 
timekeeping took over 400 years to get straight, and is still an 
area of misunderstanding.

Variances in knowledge among tribes is enormous.  Zero around 300 
B.C. in central Mexico where pyramid centers were built; the 
Blackfeet didn't even have counting system and were nomadic.  When 
the political boundaries were drawn, they got rooted down in 

Central Mexico was the center of learning for many tribes in what is 
now North America as well as Mexico.  Teotihuacan was an ancient 
initiation center of learning, with permanent living quarters for 
some distant tribes that visited.  Teotihucan had distant embassies 
with other tribes, such as one in Guatemala among the Quiche Maya. 
The existence of Teotihuacan's embassies is a fairly recent 
discovery of the last few decades.

The Maya were a pantribal order of scholars that included 
timekeepers and pyramid builders that were highly trained and 
comparable to a mystery school.  While everybody in an area might 
know how to name a month, only trained scholars knew timekeeping.  
Timekeepers were selected in childhood and prepared for the finely 
skilled work of their lives.  

Assuming that one savage was the same as the next savage, the 
Conquistadores memorialized wildly wrong information by asking local 
dignitaries, like a local chieftan, who should be highly 
knowledgeable in the Conquistadores organizational system, to tell 
them about the calendar.  An old chief, who might know next to 
nothing about the calendar would explain the way he thought things 
worked to the Conquistadores 

Wildly inaccurate information the Conquistadores acquired from 
anyone standing near a pyramid was not recognized for what it was 
until about 1950 when Eric Thompson finally deciphered the ancient 
calendar to discover that it was based on the most accurate and 
sophisticated astronomy that existed in the world at the time.

When the Conquistadores asked who built the pyramids, for example, 
and the native people said the Maya were the builders, the idiots 
from Europe thought the Maya were a tribe.  The Maya were not a 
tribe and the term is still badly abused.  There are more than 35 
native tribes in Guatemala but only one order of pantribal Maya that 
have managed to survive as a distinct order of scholars.  The Mayan 
calendar remains the most sophisticated calendar that is poorly 
understood, even by modern descendants of what are commonly called 
the Maya now.  

Genetics is not a good transmitter of astronomy.  When the ancient 
centers of learning were closed after Conquest, the knowledge they 
contained became as scrambled as anything Rome has to offer.  That's 
why it's taken almost 500 years to decipher the calendar, and it is 
still not complete.   

As far as the five-year cycle is concerned, it is a very important 
count.  The five-pointed star was an important symbol in the Apache 
medicine wheel as well.  

Let me know if you think of anything else.

Best regards,

--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Krsanna,
>    I was meaning to get back to you about your "excerpt" I found 
it very 
> interesting reading and have saved it to my Documents, thanks for 
posting it. Also 
> "1080" is the Lunar Radius so the Ecliptic cycle could be viewed 
as a 
> multiple as a thumbnail system. The American Indians I guess were 
fond of the 
> expression "Many Moons ago" the question may be what is the actual 
time value of a 
> Moon if the moon is 2160 miles and a sign of the zodiac is 2160 
years, the 
> values of multiples of 1080 and 2160 can have various magnitudes 
of order?
>    Another thing that arose in my mind reading your post in 
particular to the 
> "five years cycle" mentioned therein was the appearance of the 
images of the 
> five Kachina Deities that come directly out of the sphere of the 
Sun as seen 
> in the Apache Spirit Mountain Ghost Dancers as an important and 
> portion of the ceremonial rite. Additionally in the Mahabharata I 
have seen a 
> correlatively similar scene, five Devas come directly out of the 
sphere of the 
> Sun and descend to stand upon the Earth on front of important 
personages of the 
> Mahabharata, I just wanted to tell you about that.
>    The moon 216 sexigesimal (6x6x6) x 10 =2160 lunar Diameter = 
Zodiac Sign. 
> The speed of the Earth in it's orbit is 18.5 miles/sec=1110 miles 
per minute x 
> 60 =66,600 miles per hour. In the Magic Squares for the Sun and 
Moon there 
> are values. Sun, Moon, Earth, Unity of Three, Pyramid of Life and 
Wisdom. Ask 
> bill Hamilton some time, we had a way of translating Long/Lat. to 
time day date 
> and place.
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