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Re: Theos-World Hindu astronomy, ages & precession

Mar 04, 2006 07:13 PM
by samblo

   I was meaning to get back to you about your "excerpt" I found it very 
interesting reading and have saved it to my Documents, thanks for posting it. Also 
"1080" is the Lunar Radius so the Ecliptic cycle could be viewed as a 
multiple as a thumbnail system. The American Indians I guess were fond of the 
expression "Many Moons ago" the question may be what is the actual time value of a 
Moon if the moon is 2160 miles and a sign of the zodiac is 2160 years, the 
values of multiples of 1080 and 2160 can have various magnitudes of order?

   Another thing that arose in my mind reading your post in particular to the 
"five years cycle" mentioned therein was the appearance of the images of the 
five Kachina Deities that come directly out of the sphere of the Sun as seen 
in the Apache Spirit Mountain Ghost Dancers as an important and significant 
portion of the ceremonial rite. Additionally in the Mahabharata I have seen a 
correlatively similar scene, five Devas come directly out of the sphere of the 
Sun and descend to stand upon the Earth on front of important personages of the 
Mahabharata, I just wanted to tell you about that.
   The moon 216 sexigesimal (6x6x6) x 10 =2160 lunar Diameter = Zodiac Sign. 
The speed of the Earth in it's orbit is 18.5 miles/sec=1110 miles per minute x 
60 =66,600 miles per hour. In the Magic Squares for the Sun and Moon there 
are values. Sun, Moon, Earth, Unity of Three, Pyramid of Life and Wisdom. Ask 
bill Hamilton some time, we had a way of translating Long/Lat. to time day date 
and place.


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