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Re: Theos-World Basic questions

Mar 04, 2006 07:01 PM
by adelasie

Hi Hauw,

Regarding your question about messages from the Masters of 
Compassion, I must say that it seems rather short-sighted to me to 
reject out of hand teachings that are received from some source by 
someone just because a theosophist thinks it is impossible for anyone 
to receive messages from a Master since the death of HPB. 

It seems more in keeping with the teaching of HPB and one of the 
fundamental premises of theosophy, that the student must make up his 
own mind about the different issues that he discovers in his study, 
to allow students to decide for themselves if material perported to 
be from a Master is authentic or not. I would not accept another 
student's opinion about this important question. I would rather 
consider it my responsibility, if some message came into my 
awareness, to read it and decide for myself if it seemed authentic or 
not. It isn't very hard, really, if one sincerely wishes to find 
truth, to recognize the difference between truth and falsehood. There 
are many signs. 


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