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Re: Theos-World Hindu astronomy, ages & precession

Mar 04, 2006 04:30 PM
by Jacques Mahnich

The Narada Purana has a chapter on Astronomy (chapter 54) (*) which is giving some "coincidences" with the division of cycles listed below.
  61-62a. The aeon (yuga). O brahamana ! The measure of the (great) aeon (maha-yuga, caturyuga) is said to be 4 320 000 (divine) years.
  Four tenth of it is said to be the krita yuga;
  Three tenth of it form the Treta-yuga;
  Two tenth the Dvapara-yuga;
  and one tenth the Kali-yuga.
  (*)Translated and annoted by Ganesh Vasudeo Tagare

krsanna <> wrote:
  I had tucked this article away until I could learn more about Hindu 
astronomy. Blavatsky discusses the antiquity of the Vedas based on 
astronomical observations, which are secret cycles. Factors of the 
numbers John and I mentioned last week -- 108, 216, 324, and 432 -- 
are mentioned as proportions of the Maha-Yuga: "Thus the poles [of 
the ecliptic relative to the pole of the earth] become inverted in 
1,080,000 years, which is their Mahâ-Yuga, and which they had 
divided into four unequal parts, in the proportions of l, 2, 3, 4, 
for the reasons mentioned above; which are 108,000, 216,000, 
324,000, and 432,000." 

I would love to know if anyone on this list is sufficiently familiar 
with Hindu astronomy to comment on this. I apologize for the length 
of the excerpt, and I promise to do better most of the time. 

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

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