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Re: Theos-World "The Mind & The Brain" = Proofs for Blavatsky's western teachings

Mar 04, 2006 12:34 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi krsanna,

Would you mind if I quoted your below letter (with full credits, of course) 
on the mind-brain forum ( as part of the current 
dialogue there (mostly with cognitive psychologists) on the subject of Intelligent 
Design from a theosophical scientific metaphysical point of view as described 
in the Secret Doctrine -- that I instigated with a copy of the first letter I 
recently posted here on the subject?   </:-)>

Len Maurer

In a message dated 3/4/06 10:44:26 AM, writes:

> Yes... proofs for Blavatsky's predictions and theories are beginning
> to make headlines in science journals, and more are forthcoming.  A
> leading-edge study of the brain and mind with impressive scientific
> proofs are found in "The Mind & The Brain," by Jeffrey Schwartz,
> Ph.D., Research Psychiatrist at UCLA.  This book provides proofs for
> Blavatsky's claims for jnana yoga, of which "The Secret Doctrine" is
> a practice for westerners and "The Bowen Notes."
> Schwartz uses Buddhist practices with his psychiatric patients at
> UCLA, primarily to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 
> His research has also been applied with some success to dyslexia.  I
> became familiar with this book in a forum with the author that the
> International Society of Complexity and Intelligent Design offered
> several years ago.
> The hard science that would support Blavatsky's instructions in "The
> Bowen Notes" was started in the 1960's for vastly different purposes
> than Blavatsky's.  Schwartz gives a fascinating overview of the
> gruesome research in the book.  I had recently participated in
> Schwartz's forum, which required reading the book, and had
> subsequently attended a lecture by him, when I began reading "The
> Secret Doctrine."  I was looking for information on the brain
> because of designs I had identified in the pyramids at Teotihuacan. 
> The implications in the ancient pyramids are stunning in this
> regard.  
> When Blavatsky spoke to Bowen shortly before her death in 1891,
> knowledge of the brain was cruelly materialistic and beyond
> primitive.  Since research done in the 1960's, the principles of
> Blavatsky's instructions to Bowen are commonly employed for stroke
> patients who lose brain function and, AMAZINGLY, in Dr. Schwartz's
> practice with obsessive-compulsive disorder administered with
> Buddhist techniques. 
> Krsanna Duran
> "…One must not be a fool [Blavatsky said] and drive oneself into
> the madhouse by attempting too much at first. The brain is the
> instrument of waking consciousness, and every conscious mental
> picture formed means change and destruction of the atoms of the
> brain. Ordinary intellectual activity moves on well beaten paths in
> the brain, and does not compel sudden adjustments and destructions
> in its substance. But this new kind of mental effort calls for
> something very different-the carving out of new "brain paths," the
> ranking in different order of the little brain lives. If forced
> injudiciously it may do serious physical harm to the brain.
> "This mode of thinking is what the Indians call Jnana Yoga. As one
> progresses in Jnana Yoga one finds conceptions arising which though
> one is conscious of them, one cannot express nor yet formulate into
> any sort of mental picture. As time goes on these conceptions will
> form into mental pictures. This is a time to be on guard and refuse
> to be deluded with the idea that the new found and wonderful picture
> must represent reality. It does not. As one works on one finds the
> once admired picture growing dull and unsatisfying, and finally
> fading out or being thrown away. This is another danger point,
> because for the moment one is left in a void without any conception
> to support one, and one may be tempted to revive the cast-off
> picture for want of a better to cling to. The true student will,
> however, work on unconcerned, and presently further formless gleams
> come, which again in time give rise to a larger and more beautiful
> picture than the last. But the learner will now know that no picture
> will ever represent the Truth. This last splendid picture will grow
> dull and fade like the others. And so the process goes on, until at
> last the mind and its pictures are transcended and the learner
> enters and dwells in the world of NO FORM, but of which all forms
> are narrowed reflections."
> The True Student of The Secret Doctrine is a Jnana Yogi, and this
> Path of Yoga is the True Path for the Western student. It is to
> provide him with sign posts on that Path that the Secret Doctrine
> has been written.

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