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Mar 04, 2006 08:49 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline


The Message in the 1900 Letter:


by Carlos Cardoso Aveline


The 1900 Letter of a Mahatma to Annie Besant might be authentic, for it has a most important message to the theosophical movement.(1)

Its timing is significant. It is an official, solemn FAREWELL LETTER written exactly in 1900, the year HPB said Aquarius Age would precisely start (2).

Of course, Annie Besant as an individual did not deserve that letter, for various reasons. Yet the movement did deserve it. At the occult plane and akasha level, the movement still had a great amount of vibration rates coming from the Masters themselves and from HPB (a True Initiate). The Masters could not be indifferent to it.

The letter is a last, vigorous warning against credulity, pride, search for personal power, emotional worship and blind belief.

It gives some key hints and instructions not only for the movement in the 20th century, but for the movement in the 21st century. It is not a coincidence, perhaps, that its full text was only published in 1987, during the recent “end of century” effort.

There was also one or two short term goals to be achieved by that letter.

One of them was to reduce for some time at least the “cant about ‘Masters’ ”. The letter said: “Nameless and silently we work and the continual references to ourselves and the repetition of our names raises up a confused aura that hinders our work.”

Another short term goal of the letter was to stop the speculations that the Old Lady was coming back in that very moment, as the little daughter of Mr. Chackravartti. The letter says:

“The intense desire to see Upasika reincarnate at once has raised a misleading Mayavic ideation. Upasika (...) cannot come again so soon.”

The reason for such an authoritative clarification was probably to prevent too great disturbances in the “skandhas” or karmic impressions left by the Messenger. Such skandhas have a special importance in the case of disciples who renounce Devachan and come back to work relatively soon. A long Devachan gives the skandhas time to dissolve, while the disciples who renounce it will have to face their skandhas (including their public image skandhas) rather soon and in a direct way.

Therefore, having some quietness about “HPB” was probably a technical necessity in those first years after the death of her physical body.

The complete text of the 1900 Letter anticipates nearly all of the absurd mistakes Annie Besant would do in the following decades.

Besant and Leadbeater did everything the Master warned her against, from emotional worship to repeating their names in an irresponsible way; and from creating an “esoteric popery” (Master’s words) down to being misled by “pride, vanity and love of power”.

And yet, besides all of this – important though these points are – there is one particular sentence in the complete text of the 1900 Letter to which we must pay thorough attention, now and in the future. This sentence says:

“Misleading secrecy has given the death blow to numerous organizations.”

The main treason committed by CWL and his protégé Annie Besant consists, perhaps, in creating a complex power structure which can be rightfully described, in the Master’s words, as “an Esoteric Popery”, based on “misleading secrecy”.

In that, as in other things, Annie Besant was a victim of her own credulity, pride and love for power, as the Letter explains.

Three non-theosophical, secretive structures were implanted in the inner instances of the theosophical movement, Adyar, and they are even today practical tools for its political and institutional control.

One of them is the co-masonic movement. Whatever its merits are, it does not belong to the theosophical movement and its feeding upon the theosophical movement is a clear form of magnetic vampirism and power manipulation.

Another one is the Liberal Catholic Church, a neojesuitical body which now provides the last examples of active defenders of C. W. Leadbeater. The rest of Adyar people typically accepts the evidences that CWL was not legitimate and only have courage to defend him in indirect ways -- like attacking HPB through the adoption of Solovyof’s or the Coulombs’ libels.

But L.C.C. priests and associates still come out to openly defend CWL’s accuracy. The L.C.C. also uses a misleading secrecy about its obscure origins. It directly appeals to people’s credulity and “emotional worship”.

As to the third structure, it has been publically referred to by José Ramón Sordo (in “Fohat”, Fall 2005), by Geoffrey Farthing (in his 1996-1997 “Manifestos”) and by Gregory Tillett in several places. It is the “Egyptian Rite”, or E.R.

This “E.R.” is different from the Esoteric School or masonic groups in one important thing.

While the existence of the Esoteric School is public, and only its internal proceedings are to be secret, we have that the very existence of the Egyptian Rite is not supposed to be known, except by those who are invited to belong to it. Therefore its existence will not be confirmed by its members or leaders. It works as a “post-E.S.” possibility for some long-standing E.S. members, and it leads them into a ritualistic trap which will reduce their search for Truth to mere emotional worship and blind belief.

Thus, the E.R. is an important mechanism for the practical management of the Adyar movement as an “esoteric popery”, with the help of “misleading secrecy”, to keep to the Master’s words.

One hundred and six years after the 1900 Letter was first received, it may be the time, now, to start unveiling and discussing the political use of secrecy as a way to sustain blind belief and ritualistic structures.

I guess in the next few years the Pedagogy of the Mahatmas might be “rediscovered” as a valid tool for the movement as a whole -- and for each of us in particular. I sincerely hope so.

The pedagogy of the Mahatmas is the pedagogy of truthfulness.


Om, shanti.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O o oO o o O


(1) Its full text was first published in “The Eclectic Theosophist” in 1987 and later in “Theosophical History”, October 1987, pp. 115-117. Up to now people have been so busy discussing its legitimacy that they didn’t had the time to discuss its content. Yet its content is a major evidence of its INTERNAL legitimacy, regardless of its OUTER source. On the other hand, Adyar officers have done their best to keep this letter’s full text in oblivion. Its uncomplete version is the Letter 46, first series, “Letters
From the Masters of the Wisdom” (TPH, Adyar). Even the incomplete version
is strong and significant, though.

(2) As to 1900 being the mathematical starting point for the Aquarius Age, see the text “The Esoteric Character of the Gosples” in H.P.B.’s “Collected Writings”, TPH, India/USA, Volume VIII, p. 174, footnote.

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