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Re: Theos-World Where Hitler praises America

Mar 04, 2006 03:49 AM
by Theo Paijmans

There is also Hitler's second book titled : 'Hitler's Ost Politik'(Hitler's Politics for the East), published in 1959.



krsanna wrote:

The reference is "Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler," by Gerhard L. Weinberg, first published in English in 2003. A link to purchase the book on follows. It is now well documented history with little coverage.

Hitler praises America's racism in the above book, which outlines his plan to invade first Poland then proceed. He gave the book to his publisher with instructions to not publish it until he gave approval. Nobody knows why Hitler wanted to wait to publish the second book, except that "Mein Kampf" was not selling well and he may not have wanted to compete with the first book. Hitler laid out the plan for conquest that he actually followed, and it is possible he didn't want to alert the rest of Europe of his strategy for attack.

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