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Where Hitler praises America

Mar 03, 2006 08:06 PM
by krsanna

The reference is "Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to 
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler," by Gerhard L. Weinberg, first published 
in English in 2003.  A link to purchase the book on 
follows.  It is now well documented history with little coverage.

Hitler praises America's racism in the above book, which outlines 
his plan to invade first Poland then proceed.  He gave the book to 
his publisher with instructions to not publish it until he gave 
approval.  Nobody knows why Hitler wanted to wait to publish the 
second book, except that "Mein Kampf" was not selling well and he 
may not have wanted to compete with the first book.  Hitler laid out 
the plan for conquest that he actually followed, and it is possible 
he didn't want to alert the rest of Europe of his strategy for 

After you read "Hitler's Second Book," we can discuss his comments 
about America.  

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" 
<ringding777@...> wrote:
> =>Amen! Americans rarely acknowledge that America 
> was Hitler's
> inspiration for confining and eliminating inferior 
> races, and that
> he wrote about how well America had handled 
> American Indians by
> isolating them on "federal reservations," that 
> were often as cruel
> as Hitler's concentration camps.
> Wow, your deep knowledge amazes me!
> Where and when did Hitler said the above?
> Was it a speech, an article, a pamphlet, an 
> interview or what?
> Or do you simply spread grotesque lies to suit 
> your prejudice and race hate instead of to be a 
> Theosophist first as HPB demanded?
> Your source would be of big interest as Hitler - 
> at least in the known source - spoke out against 
> the eliminating of alleged "inferior races" as the 
> Jews and Americans for example the Germans.
> The concentrations camps were cruel?
> So cruel that Holo survivers like Ellie Wiesel - 
> who four big meals each day, theater, bowling, 
> swimming pools, all which the millions suffering 
> Germans, mostly women and children in the towns 
> had not - decided to go with his cruel murders of 
> the SS, when the "liberating" Red Army was at the 
> door.
> Furthermore in his Paris first edition of his 
> autobiography he forgot to mention the cruel gas 
> chambers!
> Only in the German translation they were built in 
> instead of the original term crematories, sad 
> enough this "improvement" of the text was 
> engineered so stupid and mechanical that they even 
> used it wor the Buchenwald camp, were no one ever 
> claimed a gas chamber.
> =>Hitler wrote about the virtues of the early 
> Aryan immigrants to
> America who had solved the problem of the inferior 
> races by
> isolating them on reservations and eliminating 
> them.  As treacherous
> to humanity as Hitler's beliefs about inferior 
> races was his
> attitude towards the German people.  He believed 
> that many of the
> more intelligent and courageous Aryans had 
> immigrated to American,
> leaving the less intelligent and courageous in 
> Germany.
> Utter nonsense!
> =>By the early 1940's, Hitler had concluded that 
> the Jews, by way of
> free enterpreise and capitalism, had ruined the 
> greatness Hitler had
> seen in the Aryans who had immigrated to America.
> That the Jews had degenerated America and that is 
> has therefore become a threat for all humanity he 
> spoke out from his beginning, esp. when he refered 
> to drug trade, slave trade, mafia, prostitution, 
> exploitation of the farmers, the satanic bank 
> system etc., which he connected with evil minded, 
> selfish Jews. Also he denounced the rapid decline 
> of culture in the USA, which he attributed as well 
> to the Jews as the same conditions in Germany 
> after 1918, were from one day after another lie, 
> fraud, swindle, wangle has become the new cult in 
> public life, press, state affairs and Jewish 
> Communists of the red Jewish revolutionary council 
> government in Bavaria sent out their terror troops 
> over the land, were the Communist terror troups 
> ("What is yours, is also mine!") went from village 
> to village, from farm to farm, to sit down and 
> order all on bevereges and meal what they had - 
> for nothing of course. And if they had a good day 
> they burnt not his house, what seldom happened.
> Whereever at this time of endlesse civil war in 
> Germany from 1918-1933 (they called it 
> "Democracy", being the precursor of Socialism and 
> Communism) Hitler's SA (storm deparment) came into 
> the picture anywhere, protecting the citizens and 
> their private possessions (which the Jewish 
> Communists hated, because they want all 
> possessions of the world only for their own race, 
> according to the Holy Bible) as a vigilante 
> committee, he was praised and heartly welcomed. 
> When he came to power in 1933 and stopped the 
> immediately approaching Bolshevist take-over over 
> Germany (and in sequence of all Europe), Hitler 
> was supported by around 95 % of the people. That 
> he crisscrossed the Jewish plot within the last 
> minute made them wild and that's the reason why 
> the "Jews of the World" again declared War on 
> Germany. But it was not until the hot war broke 
> out in 1939 that Jews were arrested, although 
> according to international law he would have been 
> able to so with an combattant party, except they 
> were murders or other criminals. That's also the 
> reason why the Arolsen archives refuse until today 
> to open the files, which exists of each arrested 
> Jew, for scientific research, because making 
> public the reasons for arresting them could 
> provoke anti-Semitism.
> =>with "Vanity Fair."  American Indians are well 
> experienced with the
> strategy and tactics of grabbing land and 
> resources at any cost.
> The Germans are too well experienced with the 
> liberation of their homeland.
> Even George Bush jr. has admitted in an election 
> campaign that the expulsion and genozide on the 
> East Germans after 1945 was the biggest single 
> genozide in historical times.
> (around 20 millions). Many million more Germans 
> died for their ideal of a land without foreign 
> rule, of justice and brotherhood and peace (which 
> is regarded as more than the silence of weapons).
> It is also the theosophical doctrine of Svabhava, 
> against the Allied are fighting until today. The 
> USA is at war with half of the world and for the 
> only reason that free people reject the demand to 
> commit suicide and hand out all possessions.
> If Hitler was not the last Avatara (there are many 
> reasons to assume he was a higher bodhisattva, as 
> buddhistic confirmations and documents in the 
> Trimondi book show, under the political correct 
> dismay, brrrr) to prevent the kali yuga:
> then with the end of the true rough states USA and 
> Israel a new humanity will appear and the Golden 
> Age will come!
> Frank

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