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Re: Theos-World A teacher compares George to Adolf

Mar 03, 2006 04:51 PM
by krsanna

Amen! Americans rarely acknowledge that America was Hitler's 
inspiration for confining and eliminating inferior races, and that 
he wrote about how well America had handled American Indians by 
isolating them on "federal reservations," that were often as cruel 
as Hitler's concentration camps. American President Andrew Jackson 
pioneered biological warfare by infecting blankets with smallpox, 
rounding up Indian children, women and men at gunpoint in the middle 
of the winter and giving them the smallpox infected blankets.  

American Indians do not have immunity to childhood diseases common 
in Europe, i.e., measles and smallpox.  This lack of immunity is 
part of American Indian genetics and America's government used it to 
exterminate the Indians who had legal claims to their homelands.  

Hitler wrote about the virtues of the early Aryan immigrants to 
America who had solved the problem of the inferior races by 
isolating them on reservations and eliminating them.  As treacherous 
to humanity as Hitler's beliefs about inferior races was his 
attitude towards the German people.  He believed that many of the 
more intelligent and courageous Aryans had immigrated to American, 
leaving the less intelligent and courageous in Germany.  

By the early 1940's, Hitler had concluded that the Jews, by way of 
free enterpreise and capitalism, had ruined the greatness Hitler had 
seen in the Aryans who had immigrated to America.

Americans forget that Blacks were not allowed to fight side-by-side 
with Whites and that federal policies of sterilizing Indians as 
inferiors was still practiced in America during World War II.  One 
of the first things I noticed about theosophical hypocracies was 
that I have never once seen a single comment in theosophical 
literature about the Civil Rights Movement that Rosa Parks began in 
1954 when she refused to give up her seat to a White man.  

Why didn't an organization dedicated to brotherhood get out on the 
line and march with Rosa Parks?  Why didn't Theosophists write about 
the Civil Rights Movement to integrate America's schools, 
businesses, and churches the way Gandhi worked to liberate India?

It still amazes me that Theosophists who spoke so proudly 
of "Universal Brotherhood" never said a word about the Civil Rights 
Movement in America.  I don't want to digress too far from the 
discussion of theosophical organizations, but a number of American 
Indian scholars were the only people who identified the 2003 
invasion of Iraq as a land grab, which Wolfewitz inadvertently 
acknowledged 6 months after the invasion in an interview 
with "Vanity Fair."  American Indians are well experienced with the 
strategy and tactics of grabbing land and resources at any cost.

Krsanna Duran  

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" 
<ringding777@...> wrote:
> =>It seems that someone has created a euphemism 
> for evil "Hitler". I
> think it is really too extreme. It is a form of 
> racism in itself to
> think  that one genocide is worse or more cruel 
> than another if it is
> carried out on white middle class groups (mostly) 
> rather than poor
> black people (AIDS and slavery).
> AIDS may prove to be the king of genocides.
> Gosh! I hear it since over 20 years but as yet no 
> one could proof that HIV makes AIDS or even what 
> AIDS is (a code word for over 20 normal diseases 
> like pneumonia etc., as Prof. Duisberg says).
> The plutocrats earn a lot of money with selling 
> "AIDS medicine" in Africa, which creates rather 
> the AIDS symptoms then to prevent them.
> AIDS is a bigot, dogmatic, unscientific, 
> illogical, flight-from-reason religion, a 
> conspiracy like the bird flue and the Tamiflu hoax 
> of Bush and Rumsfeld.
> But you should admit that it was not big H who 
> created AIDS (or the 200 wars the USrael picked 
> since 1945 to steal the possessions of other 
> nations), on the contrary in the Third Reich no 
> one could become a  politican because he was 
> corrupt, rich, was a shareholder with the aim to 
> exploit the people from above in misusing state 
> facilities to increase personal profit by criminal 
> means. He could only become a leader of his people 
> when he had an idealistic, altrustic mind. In the 
> "free" USA the "elite" is trained from its very 
> youth how to lie, to steal, to make profit, to 
> hoodwink, to rook.
> Not only the peoples of the nations, which were 
> "liberated" by the US terrorists are suppressed, 
> the Americans in the USA are suppressed, too. It 
> is not THIER government in Brainwashington.
> They are under foreign rule of a foreign people, 
> as the founding fathers predicted.
> Frank

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