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Re: Theos-World TS & Germany Re: Esoteric School of Pasadena

Mar 03, 2006 03:16 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>It's the greatest discovery in the theosophical history. :)

Yes, of course, it could be and would be, would you have a sense to see it in clear light.
And I am certain there would be much more to discover when the TM would be not lie in coma.

=>The Rules of TS prohibit to be involved in politics as a body, and
though TS tries to promote brotherhood and hence peace, it's
strange to expect from it efforts to prevent countries from a
legitimate defence.

But CWL & AB received their orders from their superiors in Paris - Rabbis from the Scottish rite.

And why did Annie Besant hold so many hate speeched against Germany when she was not in politics?
Why did she drum to war against Germany in the very words the London Freemasons drummed for war from 1870 onwards, repeated several times?

Why did AB say:

"We, who are servants of the White Brotherhood, who regard Love as the supreme Virtue, and who seek to enter into the Coming Age of Brotherhood and Co-operation, we can but follow the Guardians of Humanity, and work for the triumph of the Allied Powers who represent Right as against Might, and Humanity as against Savagery. The Theosophical Society, the society of the Divine Wisdom, founded by members of the White Brotherhood and Their Messenger in the world, must throw itself on the side which embodies the Divine Will for evolution, the side on which are fighting the super-men of the Day."

This was reprinted by the Theosophical Publishing House in Adyar in a slim volume in the "Besant Spirit Series" called "The High Purpose of War" in 1940.
Of course anyone with a basic knowledge of the conspiracy in the world and within the TM can see which side is "white" and which side is "black".

Can any upright Theosophist think for a moment that AB & CWL were really fighting for the white side?
The more that they have pleadged their members to swaer to the King of the British Empire to do all what is in their powers to enlarge His Empire?

=>Moreover, majority of the members of German Section led by
Steiner split from TS just before World War, thus blocking any
influence of TS in Germany.

Steiner split not away, he protested against the many lies of Besant which are well documented in the magazines of the time by faksimiles of the letter exchange between Steiner and Besant.
About that Adyar lies up to the present day. Steiner was kicked out by Besant, which is a difference. With their narrow-minded, bigot and spirit killing leadership she was unable to tolerate Theosophists who did Theosophy. I guess that Besant became so insane, that in 1912 she would have even kicked out HPB, had she not betrayed her teacher already in 1893/4 with her conspiracies against Olcott and Judge.

When Hubbe-Schleiden became new GS in Germany and Besant began with her Masonic hate speeches and lies against the peaceful Germany, he publicly attacked Besant in the magazines and canceled his membership of the Adyar TS. The quarrel about the one-sided war-mongers is interesting to study, including the flood of lies from Besant's side were they were always turning the facts upside down.

The circumstances around the shameful, satanic lies Besant and Leadbeater against Germay, of which Katherine Tingley already in 1896 warned on her world tour in London and Berlin, and how she piled after lie to justify the former lies led Hugo Vollrath, theosophical publisher in Leipzig, Steiner foe and Besant supporter to cancel his membership, too and give all the information of the conspiracy for the record.

Steiner began in 1917 before his class to reveal the conspiracy and its backgrounds of the Masonic lodges. It is even today worth reading as the plutocrats have as yet not altered much their plans:
exoter them, bomb them down, take what you need - and all in sweet Masonic and Besant words of human rights, freedom, liberation.
English cant at its best!

=>The promotion of Krishnamurti was declared an official excuse, but
there were other, real reasons, for the very objects were changed,
and Steiner didn't join nor TS Pasadena neither ULT.

K was not only an official excuse, but the litmus test as Besant wanted to force the German members to blind belief in him as the Coming Christ.
But HPB did not even force her members to believe in herself, which resulted ironically in the paradox that the fool Besant sat at the feet of the World Teacher, knew her not, and was later on drumming for a World Teacher.
Therefore you are right: The objects were changed, but not by Steiner, but by Besant.

Of course was Besant's political agenda and her Jewish-socialistic dugpa plans also a main reason for Steiner to protest.
But she was not strong enough to sustain a dissenter, she only accepted Yes-men and nodders.


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