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Re: Theos-World A teacher compares George to Adolf

Mar 03, 2006 02:24 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>It seems that someone has created a euphemism 
for evil "Hitler". I
think it is really too extreme. It is a form of 
racism in itself to
think  that one genocide is worse or more cruel 
than another if it is
carried out on white middle class groups (mostly) 
rather than poor
black people (AIDS and slavery).

AIDS may prove to be the king of genocides.

Gosh! I hear it since over 20 years but as yet no 
one could proof that HIV makes AIDS or even what 
AIDS is (a code word for over 20 normal diseases 
like pneumonia etc., as Prof. Duisberg says).
The plutocrats earn a lot of money with selling 
"AIDS medicine" in Africa, which creates rather 
the AIDS symptoms then to prevent them.
AIDS is a bigot, dogmatic, unscientific, 
illogical, flight-from-reason religion, a 
conspiracy like the bird flue and the Tamiflu hoax 
of Bush and Rumsfeld.

But you should admit that it was not big H who 
created AIDS (or the 200 wars the USrael picked 
since 1945 to steal the possessions of other 
nations), on the contrary in the Third Reich no 
one could become a  politican because he was 
corrupt, rich, was a shareholder with the aim to 
exploit the people from above in misusing state 
facilities to increase personal profit by criminal 
means. He could only become a leader of his people 
when he had an idealistic, altrustic mind. In the 
"free" USA the "elite" is trained from its very 
youth how to lie, to steal, to make profit, to 
hoodwink, to rook.
Not only the peoples of the nations, which were 
"liberated" by the US terrorists are suppressed, 
the Americans in the USA are suppressed, too. It 
is not THIER government in Brainwashington.
They are under foreign rule of a foreign people, 
as the founding fathers predicted.

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