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Re: Verbal and Written Contacts

Mar 02, 2006 08:56 PM
by krsanna

"Since 1885 I have not written, nor caused to be written save thro; 
her [HPB] agency, direct or remote, a letter or line to anybody in 
Europe or America, nor communicted orally with, or thro' any third 
party.  Theosophists should learn it.  You will understand later the 
significance of this declaration, so keep it in mind."

The above was written by a Theosophical adept in a letter to Olcott 
while he traveled aboard the Shannon enroute to meet Blavatsky in 
1888.  After this letter to Olcott, only one other letter was 
written in 1900 to Annie Besant.  This letter to Besant was only a 
few lines long and warned against a popery.

No reliable source, including C. Jinarajadasa in his two 
books, "Letters From The Masters Of The Wisdom," claims proof of any 
letters written by the Mahatmas after the 1888 letter to Olcott 
except W.Q. Judge.  Judge's account of letters resulted in Besant 
accusing him of forgery, based on the thinest thread of suspicion 
that may have been suggested by Sinnett.  I have never seen copies 
of any letters that Judge claimed to have received, and Judge didn't 
make a public issue of letters he received after 1888.  (These may 
well exist in somebody's file but I've never seen published 
copies.)  Judge denied forging any letters.  As has been discussed, 
Olcott and Besant both spoke of Judge's innocence long after he had 
died but made no effort to clear his name against charges they later 
realized were wrong.  

Sinnett, Leadbeater, and Besant all claimed to receive messages from 
mediums after the Mahatmas stopped writing letters.  In view of the 
fact that the Mahatmas were capable of writing letters 
and "precipitating" them when they wished, it seems clear that the 
Mahatmas decided to stop providing objective evidence of 
communication with Olcott, Besant, and Leadbeater, as they had done 
earlier with Sinnett in 1885.  Claims of messages from mediums in 
the absence of letters are some of the flights of fantasy (fancies) 
that Carlos has been talking about.

The "later" referred to in the 1888 letter to Olcott, when it would 
be important for Theosophists to learn that the Mahatma had not 
directly communicated with anyone but HPB since 1885, came almost as 
soon as Blavatsky died.  

Krsanna Duran

--- In, "T. H. Hauw" <hauwquek@...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can someone shed some light on this: when did the verbal and 
written (the
> letters) contacts from the Masters to anyone stop, and why did 
they stop?
> Thank you.
> Hauw
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