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Re: Theos-World Re: THE MAHATRIX

Mar 02, 2006 07:05 AM
by Erica Letzerich

  - Hi Neo

  - Who are you? How did you know my name?
- I am Morpheus and I know a lot about you. Have you heard of the Mahatrix? 
- The Mahatrix?
- The Mahatrix is all around you! Take the blue pill and stay with Leadbeater, take the red pill and stay with Blavatsky, take the white pill and I will show you the truth. 

  Neo feels the smooth skin of the capsules, with the moisture growing in his palms.
-Remember that all I am offering is the truth nothing more.

  Neo opens his mouth and swallows the white pill. 
-Follow me Neo...
- Neo, here is a group to discuss about theosophy. 
- Eeeuw! 
- Welcome to the real world! From the beginning of the theosophical movement in the 19th century, conflicts started happening, and groups began splitting, members left the theosophical society and founded other movements, other members were expelled from the society. In the 20th century, theosophical groups from several branches of the theosophical movement began attacking each other. For decades they are labelling each other, excluding those who think different. These fights remain until today between theosophists. 
Every time you give a lecture..... 
Every time you are present in a lecture.... 
Every time you sign up for a workshop...... 
Every time you post on a theosophy group.....
Every time you are in a theosophical meeting....
...the Mahatrix is all around you Neo, but the Mahatrix isnít real itís a Maya. can touch it, feel it, listen to it, write about it, but isn't real. There still a chance to change the system. One should look for the answer unless they have to because once you see it, everything changes.  Your life and the world you live in will never be the same. 
That is the Mahatrix, Neo.
- Are you ready to join the resistance?
- Count me in! Yahhh!!
Erica :)

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